On the metal and women’s fate

For the third year in a row, a metal research laboratory has been successfully operating at the “KazNIPImunaigas” Branch of KMG Engineering LLP. Few people know that this new sector in the activities of the institute is managed by a lady with extensive experience in the brutal metallurgical and energy industries, a native of Siberia, […]

Modular Training Program

Sales Project (“Boost”) Modular Training Program for employees was launched in KMG Engineering. The aim of the training is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction with the customers of the company, to enhance the KMG Engineering external reputation and to develop a structured approach in communications with partners. Participants in the project will […]

Experience Exchange and Worthy Recognition

The international scientific-practical conference in Satpayev KazNITU on May 17-18 this year reviewed contemporary concerns of hydrocarbon resources and reserves expansion. The conference was attended by young specialists from the KMG Engineering Atyrau branch. The reports they presented caught the participants’ interest and will be reviewed by commissions as competitive works, with several of them […]

SOCAR in KMGE branches

On May 15-17, Azerbaijani colleagues from SOCAR NIPIneftegas paid visits to two KMG Engineering branches: KazNIPImunaigas in Aktau and KMG Engineering Atyrau. Their visit was part of the implementation of a protocol signed in December last year based on the outcomes of a joint meeting. Director Fakhreddin Ismayilov led a delegation from SOCAR NIPIneftegas to […]

International Round Table

On June 24, this year, KMG Engineering will host a round table discussion with international experts on “Problems of developing Cretaceous deposits of high-viscosity oils of East Moldabek site of Kenbai field.” The event will take place both online and offline at the KMGE Head office. Representatives from research institutes, universities, businesses, scientists, and entrepreneurs […]

The Oil & Gas Industry’s professional staff scarcity pushes today’s companies to adopt new approaches to human recruitment and selection

Laura Suleimenova One of the most efficient ways to solve this problem is to expose students to the specific activities of prospective employers through internships in specialized departmental institutes and on the basis of their departments in specialized universities. The most recent efficient approach is being successfully implemented by Russia’s largest companies, Gazprom and Lukoil, […]

We continue to share the news of the “ОқуLand” Book Club

The “ОқуLand” participants in April read a book called “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Change Your Life. 21 methods of increasing personal effectiveness” by Brian Tracy. Marina Pokhilyuk, internal coach, held a mini-training based on the book read, instead of the usual meeting with discussions and activities, on April 28. The purpose of the […]

Young professionals are the future of the company!

We are launching a new “KMG Engineering Young Professionals” rubric today, which will be dedicated to our company’s young employees who are actively gaining professional and life experience today. Please support the new rubric and our young colleagues! “What’s up, Kuba? How’s work? Keep your workplace clean!” I heard phrases addressed to a tall, young […]

Intellectual Reward

“Best Research Paper Among Young Professionals” contest winners were promoted and a salary increase was given to one of them. We have already reported that among the 20 research papers submitted for the competition last year, four were chosen as the best: ·       Nassen Konysov, Leading Engineer of the Resource Base Development […]


KMGE Head Office employees have been trained in fire safety rules The KMG Engineering Head Office employees during the period from April 5 to April 11 had a chance to learn the fire protection areas located on the 10th, 22nd and 32nd floors of “Izumrudnyi Kvartal” Business Center building. All attendees are now aware of […]

Career growth opportunities for KMG Engineering employees

The staff rotation project at KMGE successfully implements stages of internal relocation of employees. 13 employees from the Head Office & Branches have already taken part in the project. “In 2021, a project on staff rotation between Branches and the Head Office was initiated, with the payment of a relocation package (in case of change […]

Big Data for the Mining Sector

KMG Engineering LLP (hereinafter referred to as KMGE), the research and engineering center of KazMunayGas JSC National Company, takes participation at the “Atyrau Oil & Gas” North Caspian Regional Exhibitions with an extensive business program for the first time in the history. Heads and key specialists of the largest Oil & Gas operators and subsidiaries […]

KMG Digital Transformation

A series of workshops on ABAI Information System modules, implemented in KazMunayGas group of companies, will be held on April 6-8, 2022 in Atyrau within the framework of the “Atyrau Oil and Gas” annual North Caspian Regional Exhibition. The Abai Center (“JasSpace” STEAM-space) will host the event. Representatives from KMG Digital Transformation team will discuss […]

Fire drills have been held in KazNIPImunaigas

This event was arranged as part of the fire prevention and fire safety in the company Fire-fighting training was arranged on February 25 this year in the administrative and production building of the Branch in cooperation with units of the Department of Emergency Situations. “There was a simulated fire in a warehouse located in the […]

Congratulations on your day, engineers!

World Engineering Day is celebrated annually on March 4, including in Kazakhstan This day is devoted to professionals who ensure scientific and technological progress. Probably all types of engineering specialties exist today – ranging from researchers, technologists and designers to ecologists and IT-technicians – are represented in KMG Engineering most vividly. Such a variety of […]

The winners of the AITU Project Challenge competition will have a professional internship at KMG Engineering

The two winning teams consisting of 5 students from Astana IT University will get an opportunity to intern at KMG Engineering, as well as credit transfer for the next trimester. It is important to mention that one of the 5 students who represented one of the finalist teams of the startup project has already been […]

Dana Akhatkyzy: No obstacles will stop if you have a goal

In February, as part of the KMG Loyalty Corporate Program, gift certificates were awarded to female employees of KMGE, who were awarded free grants from various institutions for Master’s and PhD Educational Programs. Five female employees of KMG Engineering’s Atyrau branch were one of them. We interviewed some of them.       Dana AKHATKYZY (on the […]

Arailym OTEBAI: Challenges and seemingly impossible tasks fascinate me in my work

On the eve of the spring holiday – International Women’s Day, we continue the column about the excellent women of KMGE, who together with men participate in the most complex projects and make a great contribution to the development of the scientific component in the Oil & Gas industry. One of them is Arailym Kairashkyzy […]

Scientific knowledge in corrosion control

Nursultan Alzhanov, a design and analysis engineer in the group of experts KMG Engineering, who has been working at our company since 2020, is using this tactic. Nursultan is a graduate of Eurasian National University, and studied a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering. He completed his studies at Nazarbayev University in 2020 with a […]

Oksana Sharovarnikova: about the profession they love, educating young people and the Chevron competition

     Being part of a close-knit team, being satisfied with the results of your work and earning a decent salary are the main attributes of choosing the right profession and workplace. This is the opinion of Oksana Viktorovna Sharovarnikova, senior engineer of the Oil, Gas and Water Research Laboratory at KMG Engineering’s Atyrau branch. […]

The results of the activities for 2021 have been summed up in the CODS of KMG Engineering LLP.

Mr. Pavel Tsypin, the Head of the Center for Organizational Development and Standardization of the KazNIPImunaigas Branch, has shared with the colleagues the results of the work done. – Pavel Yevgeniyevich, what Projects did the employees of the Center work on last year? Where and how were the lean production methods applied? – As is […]

The KMGE Atyrau branch: the achieved results and attention of the youth

In the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP, a reporting Meeting of the CEO, Rakhim Nagangaliyevich Uteyev with the team has taken place. The results of the Branch’s activities for 2021 and the tasks for the current year have been discussed.       Due to the ongoing sanitary restrictions, the Meeting with the team has […]

Arman Taubayev: bringing your whole self to work

Arman Taubayev has started his career in our team 17 years ago as a lab assisstant. According to him, over the previous years in the KMG Engineering team, he has learned to think out of the box, to be proactive, to defend his point of view and always to stand for justice. Our colleague is […]

There is an open way for the young everywhere with us

Today, the hero of the column, or rather the heroine, is Ayaulym Amankeldiyeva, an engineer of the expert group of KMG Engineering LLP. Ayaulym has been working in the Company for a relatively short period of time, about a year, but she has already managed to achieve the impressive results in her professional field. In […]

KMG Engineering is implementing the SatTi project

The software product is aimed at optimizing the struggle against scaling at a number of large oil producing companies in Kazakhstan, including the KMG subsidiaries and affiliates. The name “SatTi” originates from Sat – saturation, T – team, i – index, in other words, the saturation index, calculated by the team. It is noteworthy that […]

Kazakhstan’s Oil & Gas Industry Newsletter magazine has its own web resource

To view the publication, as well as to submit your work online, visit For the convenience of the users of the platform the access to all issues of the Newsletter is provided, as well as the possibility to auto-search for relevant information by keywords. The website functionality makes it possible for users to send […]

The best research papers among young specialists were determined

KMG Engineering LLP summed up the results of the “Best Research Papers among Young Employees” competition. A total of 20 papers in various areas of the oil and gas industry were submitted for the competition, of which the best 4 were determined. The winners of the competition may now expect an upgrade in position and pay. […]

Sport and work go hand in hand

In every team there is always a mass entertainer, initiator of various events, bringing colleagues together for cultural or sports activities. We have such a person in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. Meet Aibek Mendigaliyev, Senior Engineer of the Geology and Geological Exploration Service, who was at the origins of creating a real […]

About love for Mrs. “Geology”

On the eve of the celebration of the Independence of our country, several employees of KMG Engineering LLP were awarded high awards from the country’s leadership and government agencies. One of the highest awards – a medal from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym – Zhomart Tokayev “To the 30th anniversary of Independence […]

For contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry

Ruslan Agleshov, disciplinary expert of the KMG Engineering group of experts, was awarded the medal of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan – «Мұнай–газ кешенін дамытуға қосқан үлесі үшін» on the occasion of the Independence Day of the country. After graduating from Sh.Yessenov Aktau State University with a degree in Development and […]

Recognition at the highest level

By the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP, an award ceremony was held for employees who distinguished themselves in their professional activities and contributed to the development of the oil and gas industry.    –  On this significant date for our country, I […]

Solemn meeting in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan was held at KMG Engineering

On the eve of the celebration of the anniversary of the country’s independence, the company held a solemn event and rewarding employees. Bakhytzhan Khasanov, General Director, Chairman of the Board of KMGE, presented awards and congratulated the staff on the Independence Day: – In fact, this is an important, significant achievement for all of us, […]

Learn from the best

This is the life credo of Evgeny Marintsev, an employee of the westernmost branch of KMG Engineering LLP in Aktau, the peer of Independence.  – We, who were born in the 90s, had a real childhood – without gadgets, computer games and virtual reality, – says Evgeniy MARINTSEV, a senior engineer of the department for […]

Azamat – Citizen of his country

Azamat Amanov – Head of the Corporate Solutions Sector of KMG Engineering. Quick reference: Azamat – originally from the East Kazakhstan region, after studying at ENU at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, he received a bachelor’s degree, two years later – a master’s degree in automation and control. In 2019, he completed a specialization […]

The Supervisory Board of KMG Engineering LLP was elected for a new three-year term from October 30, 2021, with no changes

In November of this year, the KMGE Supervisory Board was elected unchanged with a term of office from October 30, 2021 to October 30, 2024. The term of office of the elected members of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership ended on October 29, 2021. In accordance with the decision of the Sole Participant of […]

Analytical formula and more

The development of renewable energy sources is a topical issue, but in the near future oil will remain the main source of energy and an integral raw material for the production of necessary goods, – says Nauryzbek TUYAKOV, a peer of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, leading engineer of the oil recovery service […]

Being the same age as Independence is a special responsibility

Kazakhstan 30 years ago declared itself an independent state. Having gone through various changes during this period, on the path of continuous development, the republic has won prestige and international respect. Kazakhstanis, who were born three decades ago, grew up and walked their own path together with their Motherland. One of the peers of the […]

Work hard to make your dream come true

Peers of Independence – behind them a difficult childhood in the difficult 90s, growing up in a dynamically developing country, growing family well-being and great prospects for education. One of them, Nurlybek Nurmakhanov, engineer of the large projects development service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP.     According to Nurlybek, who was born […]

I am glad that I was born and raised in independent Kazakhstan

  Peers of Independence – behind them a difficult childhood in the difficult 90s, growing up in a dynamically developing country, growing family well-being and great prospects for education. One of them, Timur Ispanbetov, Leading Engineer of the Service for Stimulation of Oil Production and Enhanced Recovery of Reservoirs of the Atyrau branch of KMG […]

Representative of KMG Engineering won a bronze medal at the KMG tennis tournament

Table tennis tournament in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held last weekend Kalibek Niyazgaliev, Leading Engineer of the EMG Analytical Research Service, won the third place and a well-deserved diploma. The KazMunayGas tennis tournament was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the country’s independence, as well […]

KMG Engineering hosted a training on “Lean Manufacturing”

The event was organized at the Branch of KazNIPImunaigas within the framework of the “Professional Master” module for training workover and workover foremen of LLP “Oil Services Company” CODR (Center for Organizational Development and Regulation). CODR experts Maktay Didar and Maksat Kadralin conducted training for the employees on Lean Manufacturing technology. As part of the […]

Welcome address of the Chairman of the Board of KMG A. Aidarbayev to the participants of the international conference “Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry. Implementation experience and development prospects”

The conference “Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry. Implementation experience and development prospects” started its work KMG Engineering is holding an international event in honor of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. About 300 participants, representatives of more than 70 companies from different countries of the world are registered for the conference. The Chairman of the Management Board of KMG Alik Aidarbayev addressed the audience with a welcoming speech: “I […]

KMG Engineering signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Astana IT University

During the meeting, the partners presented the main achievements of the activity to date. Thus, Astana IT University positions itself as a university that provides digital transformation through training, research and implementation of successful innovations. Currently, the university is recognized as a leading competence center for digital transformation in Central Asia. As noted at the […]

The first modules of the ABAI system are launched

The modules “Technological mode” and “Selection of downhole pumping equipment” (DPE) were put into operation within the framework of the project of the Digital Transformation Program of “KazMunayGas” – “Development of the ABAI information system”. Recall that the ABAI IS is being developed by KMG Engineering and is designed to combine production data on exploration […]

How to independently conduct hydrodynamic studies of wells?

This issue was discussed at the next meeting of the Intellectual Club with the participation of KMG SDEs, where the speaker Damir Alibekovich Shyrakbayev, Director of the Department for Development of OMG, detailed the topic “Organization and management of complex types of hydrodynamic testing of wells (hereinafter HDTW) at the fields of JSC Ozenmunaigas. As […]

KMG Engineering held a meeting of the personnel reserve participants with the company’s management

Addressing potential candidates for leadership positions in the company, the General Director, Chairman of the Management Board of KMG Engineering Bakhytzhan Khasanov noted that the main goal of creating a talent pool was the need to ensure the planning of the succession of employees to key managerial positions, their development, motivation, as well as increasing […]

Welcome to the team of KMG Engineering professionals!

KMG Engineering hosted a solemn event dedicated to the official recruitment of graduates of the KMGE School project to work at the company’s head office in Nur-Sultan.Zhanibek Nugmanov, Deputy General Director for Digital Development, congratulated those present on the successful completion of the probationary period and dedication to KMGE employees. He presented yesterday’s interns with […]

Graduates of KMGE School were honored in the Atyrau Branch of KMGE

The reason for congratulations from the management of the Branch was the completion of the probationary period for young employees of the company, representatives of the most demanded specialties in the oil and gas industry today. Director of the Branch Rakhim Uteyev took part in the official dedication of the young specialists of KMG Engineering […]

The future of Kazakhstan is in reliable hands of hardworking and talented youth

Baltabayeva Dina – Engineer of the EMG Field Development Service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering. Personal achievements: In 2021 I graduated from Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Business and became a graduate of the KMGE School. Since 2017, I have been a member of the KNTU SPE SC student […]

ABAI on the Digital Bridge Forum

Representatives of the international and Kazakhstani IT community will be presented with breakthrough projects in the field of digitalization. The participants of the KMG Engineering working group will tell the guests of the forum – members of the international and Kazakhstani IT community about modern information development – a large-scale project to create a single […]

We present to the attention of the awarded participants of KIOGE-2021

Chairman of the Management Board, General Director of KMG Engineering B.Khasanov in a solemn atmosphere congratulated the participants of the last international exhibition KIOGE – 2021 “Oil and Gas” on the successful presentation of the IP “ABAI”, with professional organization and thorough preparation for the event. He expressed gratitude to the representatives of the working […]

I try to be as useful as possible for society and the company

Aidana Beken, a graduate of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with a degree in Mathematical and Computer Modeling, an engineer of the Hydraulic Fracturing Service of the Kaznipimunaygas Branch of KMG Engineering. Before my employment at KMGI, my knowledge of hydraulic fracturing was very fragmentary, but new associations appear every day of work. Consequently, knowledge in […]

New horizons for talented youth

Zhanylai Kalybai is a graduate of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi with a degree in mathematical and computer modeling. She studied under the KMGE School program, specializing in Carbonate Reservoirs Specialist. Currently works as a core analysis engineer in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. During her studies, she was a participant […]

On October 15, a regular meeting of the Intellectual Club was held on the topic “”Implementation of the project “Intellectual deposit” LLP “JV “Kazgermunai”.

The speaker was the Leading engineer of the Field modeling Department of LLP “JV “Kazgermunai” – Alimbayev Bekzhan Bakhtzhanovich.During the meeting, the speaker spoke about the tasks of the Intellectual Deposit project, shared the experience of implementing the project in JV Kazgermunai LLP, and also presented information panels. Also, the speaker noted the importance of […]

I try to contribute to the development of the national company

Zarina Muratova, graduate of Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Business, KMGE School in the direction of Chemist-Technologist, engineer of the Oil Recovery Enhancement Service of the KazNIPImunaygas Branch of KMG Engineering. -Now almost all oil and gas companies use geological software complexes, for example, to build virtual 3D models of oil […]

KMGE School

Please introduce yourself which university you graduated from, what specialty, academic achievements, hobbies, etc., as well as what position you currently work in KMGE? My name is Gulzhanat. Graduated from Satbayev University (formerly Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I.Lenin, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev), majoring in oil and gas business. At the […]

Knowledge and Practical skills platform

Aidana Bukharbayeva, a graduate of Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Business. Currently, he is an engineer of the hydraulic fracturing service of the Kaznipimunaygas Branch of KMG Engineering: In my student years, I tried to keep the balance of study & active position. I think that’s why I graduated from the […]

My goal is to stay at KMG Engineering

Akmaral Zhakaeva – a graduate of Satbayev University with a degree in oil and gas business, engineer of the Oil Recovery Service of the KazNIPImunaigas Branch of KMG Engineering. Within the framework of the KMGE School project, Akmaral studied as a chemist-technologist. The knowledge gained under the program is now being used for field development, […]

My dream is to develop a new direction in geology

Bauyrzhan Tastanov – Engineer of the Geology and Geological Exploration Service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering, in the recent past – an SU graduate with a degree in Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, also KMGE Minor school with a degree in Sedimentology of Terrigenous and Carbonate Deposits. – What significance has the […]

KMGE School

Don’t stop reaching new heights This is the opinion of Dana Akhatkyzy, a graduate of Satpayev University with a degree in Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, as well as the Minor program from KMGE School in the direction of Specialist in Carbonate Reservoirs.  Advantages of the project: – diploma of the second higher education; […]


The 27th International Oil and Gas Exhibition continues to receive guests and delegates from all over the world. On the first day of the event alone, 727 people attended, among them representatives of oil and gas companies. KMG Engineering at the EXPO pavilion KazMunayGas presented information about the activities of our company and the ABAI […]

ABAI IS was demonstrated to the Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan

Within the framework of the International Exhibition “Oil and Gas” – KIOGE 2021, the head of the department Magzum Mirzagaliyev dwelt in detail on the stand of KazMunayGas. He was presented with a breakthrough domestic development – the ABAI information system. This is a full-scale Big Data project using artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing […]

KIOGE 2021 Press release Tomorrow, the annual international exhibition KIOGE-2021 “Oil and Gas” will open its doors in Nur-Sultan.

Digital projects and innovative developments will be presented at the exhibition by KMG Engineering. At the moment, the composition of the working group has been approved, the representatives of which will inform about the company’s activities and its current technologies and achievements within the framework of a single integrated stand of the KMG and SDC […]