Knowledge and Practical skills platform

Knowledge and Practical skills platform

Aidana Bukharbayeva, a graduate of Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Business. Currently, he is an engineer of the hydraulic fracturing service of the Kaznipimunaygas Branch of KMG Engineering:

In my student years, I tried to keep the balance of study & active position. I think that’s why I graduated from the university with excellent grades, while having a busy student life. In the final year of study, I was a scholarship holder of the Academician Sh Foundation .Yesenova. She also participated in the Annual Caspian Technical Conference SPE, organized in Baku, was a PR manager of a large student organization KNTU SPE SC. Among my hobbies, I have always been interested in oratory, in this regard, I headed the Oratory club within the framework of KNTU SPE SC.

Aidana, what are you working on now?

Hydraulic fracturing engineers, as for me, are resuscitating the deposit. My professional responsibilities as a young employee are not so extensive: I am engaged in conducting research and analytical work and attached to online monitoring of the hydraulic fracturing process. Thanks to the latter, every day I learn more and more information about the behavior of the main parameters during hydraulic fracturing. Online monitoring is a component of the project “Engineering support of hydraulic fracturing at the wells of MMG fields.

What was the reason for the decision to become a participant in the KMGE School project?

On the information platform of the Department of Petroleum Engineering, in the stream of news and updates, I met a post about an excellent program from KMG Engineering. And since I am absolutely always FOR any activities, events, enrollment in the KMGE School program has become a new goal for me. The goal, thanks to which, I definitely got a huge amount of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. I will add that I enjoy the learning process. I frankly like to study, find answers to questions! However, the study of new disciplines did not require incredible efforts, only time, which is justified. And secondly, self-discipline, responsibility and perseverance. I chose an unbroken, unconventional topic for my thesis – I discovered the world of machine learning: “Determining an effective candidate well for hydraulic fracturing using machine learning”. The research process was fascinating, the defense day was exciting! Thanks to careful preparation, everything went perfectly!

What did the production practice give you?

I had an internship at my real place of work – Kaznipimunaygas. Upon arrival in Aktau, in February, due to personnel changes, I was unable to work with a previously assigned mentor. The duties of the mentor were fully assumed by the head of the hydraulic fracturing service – Darkhan Argynbayev, unconditionally solving the current situation. During the practice period, I studied the literature related to the criteria for selecting candidates for hydraulic fracturing. Yerlan Kubekbayev, a specialist in his field, helped me with all questions related to this topic. I would like to note that the team is very responsive and friendly. And I am very glad to return to KazNIPI!

What kind of specialist do you consider yourself?

Earlier, when filling out a resume, I indicated a number of qualities, in fact, without having dealt with any! But now, faced with a profession, working in a team, I already know that I need to work out the communication skill. And I also revealed my super trio: responsibility, the right distribution of priorities, the desire to do not template! And this trio remains unchanged, characterizing my strengths. At the moment, my mentor is Usen Eldisbayev, a leading engineer of the Hydraulic Fracturing Service. Calmness, composure, benevolence: Usen Dzhumabekovich will always clearly answer all questions that arise, support with advice, point out the right direction.

Aidana, what are your professional goals?

“The girl in the field is not a warrior?” – I definitely want to prove that this is an erroneous statement. Every day more and more I want to work directly with production. I am acutely aware of not being savvy, not understanding the details of the process. Well, closing this gap, the next step is to determine how to select the optimal hydraulic fracturing design. In short, the main goal is to become an excellent specialist in the field of hydraulic fracturing.

Welcome to KMG Engineering!

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