A new structural subdivision was created as part of the implementation of the KazMunayGas Low-Carbon Development Program on the basis of KMGE.

The development of hydrogen energy is one of the priorities of the head company. At the moment, promising projects have already been identified for further study, and a work plan has been approved until 2024.

World Forecasts 

At present, the concept of the development of the fuel and energy complex is being revised all over the world for the purposes of the energy transition. It is predicted that carbon raw materials in the fuel and energy basket will decrease from 99% to 29% by 2060, including the share of oil consumption will decrease from 24% to 15%, a significant increase in the share of renewable energy and other energy sources. – As you know, hydrogen is one of the alternative energy sources. Considered to be a universal energy carrier, it is of extreme interest due to the pure product of combustion: water. Thus, the introduction of a hydrogen energy system will help maintain long-term energy and environmental sustainability, according to a number of experts in the field. 


According to the International Energy Agency, the expected global demand for hydrogen in various industries will grow from 100 to 300 Mt of hydrogen during the period 2020-2050. Low-carbon hydrogen is gaining political and business support, as a key component of governments’ emission reduction plans. Picture 1 – Expected global demand for hydrogen in the period 2020-2050 (according to the International Energy Agency) In addition, there is a clause to support Research and Development (R&D) in the recommendations of the IEA (International Energy Agency) to increase the use of hydrogen. R&D support in developed countries and top companies is the key to success in the market and industry.  Such global oil companies as Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, ENI, Exxonmobil, etc. are developing hydrogen energy and are actively investing in R&D in hydrogen technologies. 

Tasks and prospects 

The Competence Center for Hydrogen Energy is a research hub, where the search for environmentally friendly fuel will be conducted and technologies for low-carbon development, including hydrogen and chemical compounds from it, will be introduced. According to Mrs. Saule Zholdayakova, acting Head of the Center, the activities of the hub will significantly expand the scientific and production potential of KMGE, KMG and the entire oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan and will increase technological growth, accelerating the process of forming the market foundations of the hydrogen economy.- Also, the Center is a kind of timely investment in the training of domestic technologies and personnel. Also, Mrs. S. Zholdayakova is sure that, its functioning will enable our scientists and researchers of universities and institutes to work together to implement projects for the production, storage, transportation and use of hydrogen, as well as for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide. The activities of the Center are aimed, first of all, at conducting a comprehensive analysis of hydrogen technologies for the implementation of a hydrogen energy system

Thus, after collecting the necessary information, experts will analyze, monitor and develop energy, environmental, economic modeling of production and the use of hydrogen to determine the development of the hydrogen market and the company’s competitiveness.In addition, the Center’s team, which we will meet a little later, is focused on the development of research cooperation in the framework of hydrogen energy projects. At the moment, there are 8 projects. 3 projects for the production of hydrogen, 3 on hydrogen applications, 1 on carbon dioxide capture and the last one on hydrogen storage and transport. As informed in the Center, 7 projects were provided by universities and institutes of Kazakhstan – Nazarbayev University, K.I. Satpaev Kazakh National Research Technical University NAO, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Institute of Coal Chemistry and Technology LLP, D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Fuel, Catalysis and Electrochemistry JSC and Kazakh-British Technical University. 

To implement a project for the storage and transportation of hydrogen in the laboratory for the study of hydrogen technology on the basis of the Center 

– The project involves the development of a safe and optimal method for storing hydrogen in the form of titanium-based metal hydrides using domestic raw materials, followed by large-scale production. This will allow the use of domestic raw materials for the development of finished industrial materials: hydrogen storage alloys. The alloys will be produced using the mechanical alloying method, after which the structure of the material, sorption and desorption characteristics will be studied, and chemical analyzes will be carried out. Suleimenova Botakoz, researcher at the Laboratory says that, the issues of environmental impact will be considered and an assessment of the life cycle of hydrogen energy will be made.  In general, the Center team will provide support and advice to all KMG pilot projects related to hydrogen energy. Experts plan to participate in scientific and technical consultations, preparation of conclusions and recommendations of pilot projects and in the development of standards and programs in the core area.