The main value of KMG Engineering LLP is the staff. We value the desire to achieve results, innovation, self-development and teamwork.

KMG Engineering LLP has a three-level selection system, including:

  • Resume evaluation
  • Assessment of professional and personal-business competencies
  • Panel interview with supervising managers

Personnel structure

Number of employees in KMG Engineering LLP

2014 year

2015 year

2016 year

2017 year

2018 year

2019 year

2020 year

2021 year

2022 year


Personnel policy

The personnel policy is based on the principles of transparency, legality and openness, complexity and consistency and covers the main key areas for improving the quality of personnel through the system of internal and external training, the formation of a team of internal trainers, improving the performance management system and staff motivation, the formation and development of corporate culture, etc.


Staff motivation

The system of personnel motivation, which combines material and non-material motivation, is aimed at attracting and retaining qualified personnel, increasing the interest of employees in the results of work.

The remuneration system operating in KMG Engineering LLP provides for the establishment of an official salary according to the level of qualification, bonuses are awarded quarterly based on the results of the fulfillment of goals and objectives, additional payments are provided within the framework of labor legislation, for mentoring, internal coaches, one-time bonuses are provided for holidays.

In order to stimulate innovation and ensure the continuity of the process of improving the efficiency of activities, a one-time bonus is possible.

For the purpose of additional financial incentives, employees may be paid a bonus based on the results of the year, which is calculated based on the work experience in the group of companies of JSC NC “KazMunayGas”.

KMG Engineering LLP has a system of non-material motivation by letters of thanks, diplomas, commemorative signs, state awards.


Social policy is an integral part of the human resources management policy and is aimed at ensuring a competitive advantage in the labor market and is implemented by providing compensation payments, medical insurance, material assistance, creating comfortable and safe working conditions.

The interests of more than 900 employees of KMG Engineering LLP are represented by representatives of employees elected at the general meeting of the collective.

Social policy



In order to form and maintain the necessary level of personnel qualification, several areas of activity of the KMG personnel management are implemented

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Interaction with leading universities in terms of training students and settling down of employees

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Formation and development of internal coaches

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Introduction of the mentoring institute

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The contest of professional skills “The best in the profession” is organized with the aim of improving professional skills, identifying and disseminating best practices, increasing the non-material motivation of employees. The first competition was held in 2019.

Corporate competitions and personnel development events


Clubs by interests

For intellectuals, speakers, erudites and lovers of running, KMG Engineering LLP has an intellectual club, SpeechHub, RMGE Run Club, OkuLand. Membership in the clubs is unlimited and currently includes approximately 60 employees.