About company

About company


Mission and Vision

KMG Engineering Mission is to provide country’s oil and gas production, transport and refining processes with modern scientific and technical engineering maintenance.

The vision of KMG Engineering is a modern and commercially viable center of KazMunayGas National Company and the country, capable of providing scientific, technical, and engineering facilities in the oil and gas field at the level of advanced world standards.


Tasks and Priorities



Dauletzhan Kenessovich Hassanov

Vice Chairman of the Management Board of KazMunayGas NC JSC

Kuanysh Merekeyevich Kudaibergenov

Vice Chairman of the Management Board of KazMunayGas NC JSC

Abylkhanov Yerzhan Dovulbayevich

Director of the Oil and Gas Production Department of “KazMunayGas” NC JSC

Esbergenova Aigul Sagnaevna

Chief Accountant of JSC NC KazMunayGas

Abenov Kairat Zhanshaevich

Head of Human Resources Department of the Human Resources Management Department of JSC NC “KazMunayGas”

Rahim Nagangaliuly Uteyev

General Director (Chairman of the Management Board)

Makhambet Dzholdasgaliyevich Dosmukhambetov

First Deputy General Director for Production

Renat Gennadievich Khairetdinov

Deputy General Director for Economics and Corporate Governance

Zhanibek Kairbekovich Nugmanov

Deputy General Director for Digital Development – Project Manager

Asylzhan Baurzhanovich Dauletov

Deputy General Director for Geological Exploration and Geophysics


KMG Engineering

A company that employs personnel with high scientific and technical potential, who are the guarantor of the modern level of solving complex scientific and design and technical problems of complex development of oil and gas fields.

A company implementing uniform methodological approaches in the production process determines the priority of the introduction of modern proven technologies, guided by the principles of maximum technical and economic efficiency.

A dynamically developing company that performs a wide range of scientific research from exploration and development planning to the design and development of oil and gas fields of the NC KMG Group of companies.

Specialists who annually undergo training in the far and near abroad in the latest achievements of science and technology, take an active part in international, republican, regional and scientific-practical conferences and forums.


Timeline by year


Re-registration with the Research Institute of KMG TDB in “KMG Engineering”

The state re-registration of KazMunayGas Scientific Research Institute of Production and Drilling Technologies LLP was carried out in connection with the renaming to KMG Engineering LLP.


Creation of the Research Institute of TDB KMG

On the basis of JSC “Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas”, its subsidiaries JSC “KazNIPImunaigas” (Aktau), LLP “Research Institute “Kaspiymunaigas” (Atyrau) and LLP “Engineering Center RD “KazMunaiGas” (Aktau), LLP “Scientific Research” Institute of Production and Drilling Technologies “KazMunaiGas” was established.


KazNIPImunaygas JSC

JSC KazNIPImunaygas was transformed into JSC KazNIPImunaygas (Order No. 266/p of 11.11.2004).



The Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas CJSC was established by transferring state stakes in KazNIPImunaigas OJSC and NIPI Kaspiymunaigas OJSC (Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 23, 2002 No. 1346).



“Kaznipineft” was transformed into JSC KazNIPImunaigas (decision of Akim of Mangystau region No. 456 dated 17.07.2000).



Kaznipineft was withdrawn from Mangistaumunaigas JSC and subordinated to the State Holding Company Munaigas (pr. No. 351 of 17.11.94) and subordinated to the State Holding Company Munaigas (pr. No. 351 of 17.11.94).



On the basis of the State Institute for the Design of Oil Industry Enterprises of the Kazakh SSR (Giprokazneft) and the Mangyshlak Department of the Research Institute, the Kazakh State Research and Design Institute of the Oil Industry (Kaznipineft) was established, Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR No. 127 dated 03/17/1970.