KMGE School

KMGE School

Please introduce yourself which university you graduated from, what specialty, academic achievements, hobbies, etc., as well as what position you currently work in KMGE?

My name is Gulzhanat. Graduated from Satbayev University (formerly Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I.Lenin, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev), majoring in oil and gas business.

At the moment I am doing an internship at the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. Position – Engineer, Field Development Service KTM, KGM, KOA, UO.

Briefly, what is the specificity of your profession and your professional responsibilities?

The main direction of the department for the development of fields KTM, KGM, KOA, UO:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study of oil recovery factor for research work on the calculation and recalculation of reserves;
  • Preparation of Design Documents, Development Analyzes and Author’s Supervisions;
  • Preparation of proposals and recommendations to improve the efficiency of field development.

In which KMGE projects you are currently involved?

Preparation of a project document “Designer’s supervision over the implementation of the development project for the Karatobe Yuzhnoye deposit”

How did you find out about the KMGE School program?

I learned about the KMGE School program within the walls of the university, I realized that this is a great chance to learn more information on my specialty.

What became an incentive for you, prompted you to become the main reason for participation in this project

The main reasons for participating in the KMGE School project were:

  • Opportunity to find a job in the future in the specialty.
  • Get an idea of future work.
  • Learn about the necessary skills that require improvement from the student’s bench.

What was the preparation for the successful completion of the training for you personally?

In training willpower, developing the ability to properly allocate time, as well as process a large amount of information with maximum efficiency.

The topic of your graduation project, share your moments, memories in the process of defending your diploma

Thesis topic: “Improving the efficiency of carbonate reservoirs development.” In general, the study of carbonate reservoirs turned out to be quite interesting. Carbonate rocks, which form the basis of such reservoirs, have unique properties, one might say “not like everything else”. For this reason, an integrated approach is required when working with carbonate deposits.

Defending the work, of course, it was exciting to be in front of people with vast work experience, and it was scary to hear criticism in your address. But, constructive criticism always gives positive results.

Where (in which branch, or MO) and under whose leadership did the industrial practice take place and what practical skills they acquired at that stage?

Practical training took place in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. The mentor was Mukhambetova Amangul. Amangul kindly provided materials, introduced in absentia to the structure of the company, to the main goals and areas of work of KMG Engineering.

What personal and professional qualities you could describe yourself?

Hard work, responsibility, discipline, the desire to learn something new.

What new and valuable things have you already learned from the moment of employment of the company (analysis / results of work for a month, relationships in the team, etc.)?

Since the university program is more focused on the study of theory, which is quickly forgotten, within the walls of KMHI there is an opportunity to apply knowledge in practice.

As mentioned in the webinar on the Equation of Material Balance, there are 3 levels of understanding: 1) – “I understand, but I cannot repeat,” 2) – “I understand and can repeat,” 3) – “I understand and can continue”.

Practice at KMGE helped to move to a new level of understanding of the studied material.

How do you imagine your future associated with professional activities within the walls of KMGE, what goal do you set for yourself and how do you want to achieve it??

Well-coordinated work of specialists in various fields is required to create high-quality work. For this reason, I would like to achieve a high level of professionalism in my own way. It is interesting to learn something new every day, as well as challenge yourself by completing more difficult tasks each time.

Tell us about your mentor / mentors, who they were, (name, position), what example they served for you personally and what qualities you adopted from your teachers?

I was lucky to get to know both the team at the head office and the Atyrau branch.

At the time of the undergraduate practice (MO), the mentor was Vladimir Vladimirovich Shishkin, head of the modeling service of the integrated modeling department, coach, motivator and just a good person.

Vladimir Vladimirovich helped to determine the topic of the thesis, gave a lot of advice that is useful in everyday work. Supervised the provision of the necessary materials, took care of creating comfort in the workplace.

Thanks to my mentor, while doing my work, I learned to constantly ask myself the question “Is it even better?”

At the moment I am on a trial period in the Atyrau branch of KMGE LLP. The mentor is Khazhitov Vyacheslav Zanbekovich – the head of the field development service for KTM, KGM, KOA, UO.

Vyacheslav Zanbekovich helped to integrate into working days, determined the goals that must be completed within 3 months. In the process of their implementation, if any questions arise, I know that I can always turn to Vyacheslav for help, and he will devote his time, despite the workload.

The internship at KMGE was an excellent opportunity to make sure that I made the right choice, and I want to improve further in the field of oil and gas business.

It is worth noting the solidarity of the team, where everyone willingly shares their experience with each other and helps newcomers.

Many employees for me were and are an example to follow, since each of them is unique, has its own approach to business, as well as strengths, so everyone can learn something.

Your wishes to other project participants and the KMGE team

I would like to wish the team health, excellent mood, inexhaustible energy, personal and career growth, for the participants who are on the verge of a new stage in their lives, I wish to unleash their potential!!!

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