My goal is to stay at KMG Engineering

My goal is to stay at KMG Engineering

Akmaral Zhakaeva – a graduate of Satbayev University with a degree in oil and gas business, engineer of the Oil Recovery Service of the KazNIPImunaigas Branch of KMG Engineering.

Within the framework of the KMGE School project, Akmaral studied as a chemist-technologist. The knowledge gained under the program is now being used for field development, successfully applying enhanced oil recovery methods.

The project, which Akmaral is working on, is to develop the introduction of polymer flooding at the fields of OzenMunayGas JSC.

Remembering the time of studying at the KMGE School, Akmaral says that studying for a bachelor’s degree and a Minor program were parallel, and everything had to be combined in time. During this period, she read a lot of materials and projects in preparation for the defense of the diploma at the university and before the expert commission of the KMGE, dedicated to the topic: “Effective methods of limiting the flow of formation water to the bottom of oil wells.” In addition, the knowledge base was expanded through attending internal company trainings. To cope with all the tasks, the young specialist admits, she largely succeeded thanks to the help and qualified advice of mentors.

The engineer consolidated theoretical knowledge within the framework of production practice on the basis of the Atyrau branch, under the guidance of employees of the Service for the collection, preparation and transportation of products.

– I have been working in the company for only 2 months, but despite such a seemingly small period, I have already brought out a lot of new things for myself, including thanks to my mentor. During this period, I have worked out several books and trainings on theoretical knowledge, recommended by the mentor. At the moment, he is an expert of the Service for Enhanced Oil Recovery – Sagyndikov Marat Serikovich. A professional in his field – explains very clearly and helps if any difficulties arise. The quality that I discovered for myself while working alongside him and my colleagues is versatility and optimism! I am glad to have a well-coordinated interaction with all services, including ours. Colleagues are very friendly and always happy to help! Now my goal is to stay to work within the walls of KMGE, continuing to achieve goals and heights in work and triple my knowledge in the oil field!

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