My dream is to develop a new direction in geology

My dream is to develop a new direction in geology

Bauyrzhan Tastanov – Engineer of the Geology and Geological Exploration Service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering, in the recent past – an SU graduate with a degree in Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, also KMGE Minor school with a degree in Sedimentology of Terrigenous and Carbonate Deposits.

– What significance has the KMGE School project acquired in your life??

– First of all, it was important for me that this program will train the specialists in demand, and that we will be trained by some of the best representatives of the oil and gas industry. I would like to pay special attention to the study of geology, namely sedimentology, which is just developing in Kazakhstan. After the end of this project, he dreamed of finding a job in a large national company to translate his ideas for the good of the country. Today I work in a close-knit team, and despite their workload, my colleagues support me and help me develop and grow as a highly qualified specialist. In general, in the future I would like to contribute to the development of a new direction in geology, namely sedimentology, for a detailed study of promising regions.

The department where I work now is engaged in modeling large fields and calculating hydrocarbon reserves. The specificity of my profession lies in the in-depth study of carbonate and terrigenous deposits and use this data to create deposit models. Currently, he is involved in projects such as “Revaluation of reserves at Zhanatalap, East Makat” project. My job is to help compose geological materials using the programs “Petrel” and “CorelDraw”.

At the stage of writing the diploma project, my mentor was Ruslan Abuev, the head for promising projects of AB KMG Engineering LLP. For me, he became an example of perseverance, responsibility, conscientious attitude to work and an excellent leader for developing the potential of his wards.

Now the mentor is Daniyar Tuletayev, an expert of the Geology and Geological Exploration Service. In a short period of time, under his mentorship, I gained experience in the distribution of work and expanded my theoretical knowledge.

During the period of my internship, I gained tremendous experience in teamwork. In addition, I was able to consolidate my theoretical knowledge and apply it to solving problems of various difficulties.

– Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the management of KMG Engineering for the given chance to realize the potential within the walls of our company. I am glad that I was involved in the implementation of this program, and I wish the rest of the KMGE School participants a successful graduation. I would like to wish the entire KMG team large and interesting projects.

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