Make your contribution to the development of green energy

Make your contribution to the development of green energy

Maria Munalbayeva, an engineer of the Geophysics Service of KMG Engineering, having successfully passed all stages of the competitive selection among the representatives of a number of subsidiaries and affiliates of NC KMG JSC, has managed to become a participant in a six-month internship in Iceland, as part of the geothermal training program. She has become the first participant from Kazakhstan in the 44-years history of the program.

Every year, 25 specialists and scientists from all over the world are involved in the Project with the purpose of developing the use of geothermal energy in the world. This year, for the first time, the participants from Kazakhstan have been recruited.

During the entire internship, Maria will study in the course “Well geophysics and development of geothermal deposits”.

The Geothermal Training Program provides training directly in Reykjavik, on the basis of ISOR Company, and includes the field trips throughout the country. The Project is supported by the Icelandic Ministry of Energy in cooperation with the United Nations University (currently the Program is under the auspices of UNESCO).

– I’ve been lucky to become a participant in the internship due to my good knowledge of English and the opportunity to work in a national company, as well as the results of an interview with the representatives of the Program. The interns will study the field development and borehole geophysics of geothermal fields. I hope that the gained knowledge and experience will help me in the future to contribute to the transition to geothermal energy in the most suitable areas of Kazakhstan. In general, judging by the first impressions, the Program is very rich and interesting, I am very inspired by the desire to contribute to the development of green energy in the country. For me personally, the participation in the Project is at least getting international experience from the leading experts in this field, – the colleague has shared with us.    

Maria has been working at KMG Engineering since January of the current year. At the Geophysics Service, she and her colleagues work on the quantitative interpretation of the seismic data to identify new prospects, both in new areas and in the existing fields. To achieve these goals, the experts use the seismic and well data ties, rock physics tools, AVO analysis and various inversion methods.

It is worth noting that Maria is a graduate of Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State Geological Prospecting University, and prior to joining KMGE she worked as an engineer at the Center for Petrophysical and Geomechanical Research at the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where she was engaged in assembling the press installation, launching tests, processing data, compiling laboratory journals, measurements and calculations for a number of projects.

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