Our aim is to support long-term energy sustainability

Our aim is to support long-term energy sustainability

This was announced by Rakhim Uteyev, Director of KMG Engineering Atyrau Branch, speaking at the international seminar on hydrogen energy, which began its work today at KMG Engineering. The event was organised by the Alternative Energy Department of KMGI and was attended by employees of a number of KazMunayGas subsidiaries and affiliates.

First of all, the speaker thanked the delegates from Japan, France, the Netherlands, Germany etc. for agreeing to participate in the event in order to share information, knowledge about advanced technologies, planned and implemented projects in the field of hydrogen energy.  

– Today’s issue is very topical, especially in light of the revision of the Fuel and Energy Complex Development Concept for the energy transition. In the future, it is projected that carbon in the fuel and energy basket will decrease from 99% to 29% worldwide by 2060, including a reduction of oil consumption from 24% to 15%, which will have a significant impact on increasing the share of renewables and other energy sources. One alternative energy source is hydrogen. This versatile energy carrier is of extreme interest because of its pure product of combustion: water.

In his speech, Uteyev stressed that the introduction of the hydrogen energy system will maintain long-term energy and environmental sustainability. According to the International Energy Agency the expected global demand for hydrogen in various sectors will grow from 100 to 300 Mt of hydrogen in 2020-2050.

Low-carbon hydrogen is gaining political and business support as a major component of governments’ plans to reduce atmospheric emissions.

– This is one of the reasons why the development of hydrogen energy is one of the priorities of the national company KMG and since April 1, 2023 KMG Engineering has established and successfully operates the Laboratory for Research of Hydrogen Technology and the Centre of Competence for Hydrogen Energy, which has now been transformed into the Department of Alternative Energy,” informed the head of the branch.

According to him, this step was part of the implementation of KazMunayGas NC JSC’s large-scale Low-Carbon Development Programme.

– An important task before us is to ensure the dynamic development of a research hub in Kazakhstan, on the basis of which the search for clean fuels and the introduction of technologies related to low-carbon energy, including hydrogen and renewable energy, will continue,” a representative of KMG Engineering shared the work plans for the future sentative.

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