KMG Engineering Department of Alternative Energy met with the Serbian Research Institute

KMG Engineering Department of Alternative Energy met with the Serbian Research Institute

The meeting was held on June 7 as part of the Serbian Charter of the Green Bridge Partnership Program, signed in 2021, to strengthen cooperation with the Vinča Institute.

The Institute is part of the University of Belgrade and is one of the largest and oldest in its field in Southeastern Europe. The Vinča Institute was established in 1948 as a research center focusing on the most recent advances in basic natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology. Following its establishment, the Institute was tasked with carrying out the State Program of Nuclear Research, which was completed in 1968. The institute continued research into the mixed (not only nuclear) concept. Vinća is now a multidisciplinary scientific institute covering a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines.

The institute focuses on theoretical nuclear physics, chemistry, radiobiology, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, and other fields of study.

In this regard, one of the most promising units of the institute is the “Center of Excellence for Hydrogen and Renewable Energy” (which has a laboratory for hydrogen production and storage).

At the meeting, Professor ‪Jasmina Grbovic Novakovic, the head of this Center, expressed interest in cooperation with the Department of Alternative Energy, which is engaged in research in the relevant field. Professor Nikola Novakovic introduced the work of the Institute. Joint development, exchange of experience, and others were suggested as possible cooperation forms. A memorandum will be signed soon between the Vina Institute and KMG Engineering. In addition, an excursion to the National Museum was held to introduce Serbian guests to the culture of Kazakhstan.

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