KMGE representatives held meeting at Satbayev University

KMGE representatives held meeting at Satbayev University

The occasion for the meeting with the management of the university was the strengthening of cooperation under the KMGE School Program for the upcoming academic year.

Rector of the  Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K. I. Satbayev, Meyram Begentayev,  stressed the importance of implementing a joint project to train specialists with a narrow focus.

Within the framework of the visit, the company representatives informed about the main achievements of the activity to date and agreed to combine efforts in the process of training students, involving coaches and experts of KMG Engineering for conducting lectures and trainings, as well as certification of graduates, organization of industrial internships under the supervision of KMGE experts,  as well as implementation of other activities according to the requirements of the KMGE School program, contributing to the development of human capital.

In addition, the Parties have reached an agreement to strengthen the established mechanisms of cooperation within the KMGE School project, to jointly participate in the process of training specialists for the next academic year, demanded by KMGE Engineering. 

Reference: The KMGE School project involves the selection of the best students who have a unique opportunity to find a job at KMGE Engineering after a special program training and productio

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