“Only a scientific approach will provide reliable results with high accuracy”

“Only a scientific approach will provide reliable results with high accuracy”

A representative of KMG Engineering takes part in the “Mathematical modeling and computer technologies in the field development processes” XV International Scientific-Practical Conference, held April 25 through 26 of the current year in Moscow.

Among the participants are professors, academicians of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, leading specialists and heads of scientific and technological centers of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, representatives of the official bodies, experienced experts, directors of a number of the Russian oil companies, professors of State Universities for training employees in the field of oil and gas.

Ms. Gaukhar Bektas, Senior Engineer of the Service of Geology and Geological Exploration of the KMGE Atyrau Branch, in her speech has presented the scientific paper on “An integrated methodological approach to the study of the physical and chemical properties of oil and gas, involving geochemical studies and building a PVT model of the Aryskum depression, using the example of the Akshabulak group of fields.”

– An integrated approach to the study of the physicochemical properties of oil and gas on the basis of experimental studies, with the construction of a PVT model and the involvement of geochemical studies is an urgent task nowadays. This will make it possible to describe in detail the parameters of reservoir oil and gas condensate systems, which determine their phase state and behavior, as well as characterize the composition and properties of the equilibrium phases under changing thermobaric conditions. In this work, the dependences, correlations and PVT model of the formation fluid of the Aryskum depression have been built. Using the example of the Akshabulak group of fields, the geochemical (fingerprinting and biomarker analysis) studies have been carried out, the genesis, formation of the field have been determined, and the directions of oil migration have been established, – the speaker has noted in her report.

The author has expressed confidence that the proposed approach will make it possible to predict the fluid properties with high accuracy during the further work for the additional exploration of the structures, upon calculating the reserves of the oil and gas fields, assessing the oil recovery factor, well testing, numerical modeling of the reservoirs, and it will also make it possible to make grounded decisions for designing the field development, as well as to determine their genetic origin at the molecular and atomic levels                     

The сolleagues from the KMGE Head Office, Ms. Laura Bissikenova, the Lead Engineer of the PVT Modeling Department and Ms. Clara Kunzharikova, the Head of the PVT Competence Center, have come to support Gaukhar.

Traditionally, the event has been organized by the “Oil Economy” International Journal of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

The paper by Gaukhar, prepared in co-authorship with the colleagues from the Branch, Ms. R.N. Uteyeva, A.S. Mardanova, Zh.S. Murzagaliyeva, E.V. Yermekova will be included in the “Oil Economy” Collection of publications.

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