Horizontal well geosteering at the Embamunaigas field

Horizontal well geosteering at the Embamunaigas field

The effective development of heterogeneous reservoirs of low thickness with complex geometry is currently a global priority. This issue is particularly important for oil-producing companies developing fields at the late exploitation stage. Because traditional development methods are no longer adequate for addressing this issue, global companies employ a variety of innovative technologies, one of which is geosteering of the wellbore when drilling into productive reservoirs.

Until now, only foreign companies have performed work in support of horizontal well drilling. The first horizontal well No. 2780 was drilled by KMG Engineering LLP’s own forces in April 2023, as a result of an agreement between the management of KazMunayGas NC JSC, Embamunaigas JSC, SBP KazMunayGas-Drilling LLP, and Zhigermunaiservice LLP.

The KMGE online drilling service specialists (R.B. Aldangorov, N.N. Toksanov, O.A. Kan, A.D. Kulzhanov) have started providing geosteering services from a depth of 50m along the wellbore to set up WITSML signal transmission and preliminary tying – correlation on neighboring wells. Highly qualified and prompt team support from the Field Geology and Modeling Department of Embamunaigas JSC (Ye.M. Mukanov, I.V. Chzhen), drillers from SBP KazMunaiGaz-Drilling and Zhigermunaiservice LLP assisted in making right, geologically correct decisions and conduct the well accident-free instantly. The transport section was closed in above the top of the target horizon, allowing the production casing shoe to be installed as planned. When the BHA was lowered to drill the horizontal section, KMGE experts advised that a tie-in log be recorded to correlate the depth to the previous section. During the horizontal section geosteering, the customer was advised to change the zenith angle and perform maneuvers to keep the wellbore in the reservoir. As a result, with the best filtration-volumetric properties and a horizontal section length of 400m, the well was guided in the reservoir.

KMGE online drilling service plans to continue providing geosteering services for horizontal wells for Embamunaigas JSC and other companies of KazMunayGas NC JSC in the future.

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