The best research papers among young specialists were determined

The best research papers among young specialists were determined

KMG Engineering LLP summed up the results of the “Best Research Papers among Young Employees” competition. A total of 20 papers in various areas of the oil and gas industry were submitted for the competition, of which the best 4 were determined. The winners of the competition may now expect an upgrade in position and pay.

– 28% of our Institute staff are young employees under the age of 29, and 63% are under the age of 35. These figures testify to the high staff potential of the enterprise, as it was at the beginning of formation of its predecessor KazNIPIneft – the only research and design institute of oil industry in Kazakhstan at that time (founded in 1970 – note by L.S.), where the average age of employees was 34 years, – noted Evgeny OGAY, Chief Technical Adviser of KMG Engineering LLP, in his greeting to the participants of the awarding ceremony.

Among the 20 research papers submitted for the competition, the following 4 were recognized the best:

  • Nassen Konyssov, Leading Engineer of the Service of Resource Base Development of the Fields under Development of KMG Engineering LLP, “Application of Geological Modeling in Predicting Hydrocarbon Traps” (direction: Geology, physical/chemical studies of fluids),
  • Sultangali Abdykalykov, Engineer of the Field Chemistry Laboratory of the Fluid Analysis and Field Chemistry Service of KazNIPImunaigas, a branch of KMG Engineering LLP, “Improved Assessment of Rheological Properties of Non-Newtonian Fluids” (Development, production technique),
  • Pavel Zaitsev, Senior Engineer of the Drilling and Well Repair Design Service of KazNIPImunaigas, a branch of KMG Engineering LLP, “Drilling of Horizontal Wells on the Zhetybai Field and Methods of Completion” (Drilling and development),
  • Kairat Issin, Senior Engineer of the Elemental Cost Estimating Service of KazNIPImunaigas, a branch of KMG Engineering LLP, “Unified Methodology and Unified Time Standards for Research, Design and Surveying and Laboratory Studies in Oil Production” (IT, corporate governance (HR, finance, economics, risks, law, etc.).

       As noted by Bakhytzhan KHASSANOV, General Director (Chairman of the Management Board) of KMG Engineering LLP, within the framework of the issued order on the results of the competition, three of the winners Zaitsev P., Issin K., and Abdykalykov S.Ye. were recommended for promotion, and Konyssov N. – for salary increase by one grade due to promotion in 2021. Another 10 participants of the competition were awarded letters of gratitude.

– “The papers presented at the competition by young specialists will be published in a collection of research papers. A competition for the best research paper will also be announced soon, and we encourage all young specialists to take an active part in it. I should note that both the competition and the recent Personnel Assessment Rules are aimed at reducing the drain on professional staff and increasing opportunities for young workers to advance in their positions and raise their salaries. Now every 6 months, a specialist, bypassing the line manager, can apply to the HR Service at the place of work, undergo an assessment of his/her knowledge and skills and, if confirmed, qualify for a higher position or level of pay. In this case, there will be no restrictions in connection with the absence of the requested vacancy in the staffing table and the desired position will open. You can familiarize yourself with the new Personnel Assessment Rules on the internal information resource – Uniform Qualification Handbook”, – said Bakhytzhan KHASSANOV, General Director (Chairman of the Management Board) of KMG Engineering LLP.

Congratulations to all participants of the competition! We are proud of your success!

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