Kazakhstan’s Oil & Gas Industry Newsletter magazine has its own web resource

Kazakhstan’s Oil & Gas Industry Newsletter magazine has its own web resource

To view the publication, as well as to submit your work online, visit

For the convenience of the users of the platform the access to all issues of the Newsletter is provided, as well as the possibility to auto-search for relevant information by keywords.

The website functionality makes it possible for users to send manuscripts online to the editorial board after a quick registration, by subscribing to the notification of all stages of consideration of a submission.

The “About the magazine” section of the portal provides useful information about the current editorial policy and the rules for authors.

All in all, the conciseness of all the information on the website and the easy-to-use interface will enable readers to quickly navigate the online platform, and most importantly, to continue their cooperation with the magazine’s editorial team in a convenient format.

For information:

The only industry-specific scientific and practical journal in Kazakhstan is published to provide timely coverage of new scientific developments in the Oil & Gas industry. Articles related to effective technologies, innovations, scientific and technical solutions in the Oil & Gas industry are published in the magazine. The magazine provides specialists with timely information on new theoretical and applied researches, enables a dialogue of production workers, specialists and scientists of the Oil & Gas industry with the general public, as well as an opportunity to disseminate the experience of innovations, scientific and technical solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

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