KMG Engineering is implementing the SatTi project

KMG Engineering is implementing the SatTi project

The software product is aimed at optimizing the struggle against scaling at a number of large oil producing companies in Kazakhstan, including the KMG subsidiaries and affiliates.

The name “SatTi” originates from Sat – saturation, T – team, i – index, in other words, the saturation index, calculated by the team.

It is noteworthy that the author of the program is our colleague, an engineer of the expert group, Ayaulym Amankeldiyeva. A separate article, which is now in the process of preparation, will be dedicated to the inventor. In the meantime, we will briefly describe what was the prime cause for the development of such an advanced technological solution.

– Oil reservoirs, multi-stream switching manifold, as well as three-way pieces, coming out of the metering units, are the main facilities in the oil gathering system at the fields, where the problems with scaling occur. Descaling at the metering units takes a whole day, including the excavation, lifting, and welding woks, – says A. Amankeldiyeva

Most often, the reasons for scaling during the equipment operation are as follows:

  • mixing in a common reservoir of the produced fluids from different wells, incompatible in terms of the ionic composition;
  • a change in the thermal mode, i.e. a temperature drop from the underground (80°C) to ground (40°C) operating conditions;
  • a pressure drop due to pumping of the produced fluid from the wells to the metering units at the surface.

Figure 2 The “SatTi” program without an interface for the integration with the “ABAI” IS

As a result, the constant use of scale inhibitors in large volumes by the oil producing companies incurs high costs, thus leading to the inexpediency of their use. This poses the question of optimizing the injection of an inhibitor, with the achievement of both the technological and economic benefits. An optimal amount of the inhibitor and its injection technology will help making the scale prevention process as effective as possible. 

– It is required to calculate a probability of the precipitation by the saturation indices, which is easy to forecast, using the calculation formulas. They are based on a change in the physicochemical parameters of the mixed waters, incorporated in the “SatTi” program prototype! We use the Python 3.7.3 programming language. Apart from calculating the probability of scaling, after conducting the laboratory tests for the basic scale inhibitor, used in OzenMunaigas JSC, the SatTi program determines the optimal scale inhibitor dosages and proceeds to the integration with the “ABAI” IS, – summed up the inventor.

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