Experts of alternative energy department completed an internship in Japan

Experts of alternative energy department completed an internship in Japan

Education within the framework of the JJCP program was dedicated to the topic of “Hydrogen technology”

According to colleagues, the course provided them knowledge about hydrogen technologies within Japanese efforts to achieve hydrogen neutrality. KMGE employees recieved advice about developing strategies and plans for achieving hydrogen neutrality in an oil and gas producing country.

The seminars were held in the following Japanese cities: Tokyo, Yachiyo, Koriyama, Kyoto, Amagasaki, Kobe, Nagoya, Toyota, Yokohama, Hiratsuka where lectures about global energy situation and efforts for achieving hydrogen neutrality were held, included reviews about the country’s oil industry and Japan’s carbon neutrality and initiative.

-We visited companies and institutes engaged in developing fields about hydrogen energy, hydrogen storage alloy system, fuel cell technology and evaluation devices, demonstration sites for transportation/unloading and storage of liquid hydrogen and activities for the production of pure hydrogen and ammonia to be exact.
We would like to thank JCCP, Tokai University and KMGE for this unique opportunity – department’s employees are grateful.

As previously reported, Japan Cooperation Center for Petroleum and Sustainable Energy was founded in November of 1981 with the purpose of developing friendly relationships between oil producing countries and Japan and helping to ensure stable oil supplies delivery and exchange of personnel in the fields of the oil industry.

KMG is cooperating with JCCP and already carried out multiple internships in Japan.
Every year JCCP accepts 10-15 KMG employees for training in various areas of activities from mining, exploration, processing and marketing to HR’s and finance management.

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