Modular Training Program

Modular Training Program

Sales Project (“Boost”) Modular Training Program for employees was launched in KMG Engineering.

The aim of the training is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of interaction with the customers of the company, to enhance the KMG Engineering external reputation and to develop a structured approach in communications with partners.

Participants in the project will be able to complete training in the following areas:

Persuasive Communication

Meaningful Management

Product Management

Effective interaction technology and techniques for negotiations and sales with company customers

Effective Sales Training.

In addition, a Pitching Lab is planned as part of the training, where participants will present their own projects based on the acquired knowledge.

The event includes a master class on “Corporate Creativity,” according to the organizers. This section of the project aims to educate the skills of generating creativity in our company’s area, as well as the tools of customer interaction and the art of marketing the sale of services. Coaches are guest speakers from leading Moscow universities, experts in communications, product management and business networking.

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