Young professionals are the future of the company!

Young professionals are the future of the company!

We are launching a new “KMG Engineering Young Professionals” rubric today, which will be dedicated to our company’s young employees who are actively gaining professional and life experience today. Please support the new rubric and our young colleagues!

“What’s up, Kuba? How’s work? Keep your workplace clean!” I heard phrases addressed to a tall, young and smiling man in a lab coat. He, meanwhile, was actively doing his work, analyzing the results of computer tomography of the core. So, this is Kuba, a petrophysicist from the KMG Engineering KazNIPImunaigas Core Analysis Service, Zhaksylyk Torebek.

“But still, why Kuba?” I wonder.

“Oh, that’s a long story” Zhaksylyk laughs, “I have two names in my family, one is unofficial. My father is the youngest and the most beloved son in the family. That’s why when I was born, the elders called me “Kobeysyn” as a wish. And my mother had a dream on the eve of my birthday in which her boss, a very respected man, took her hand and led her up a high mountain. So, in the documents, my name is Zhaksylyk. I studied at the S. Ordzhonikidze Russian State Geological Prospecting University in Moscow (MGRI). My teachers and peers had difficulty pronouncing my name, so I suggested calling myself Kuba” – Zhaksylyk shared with us.

The young petrophysicist is working in KazNIPImunaigas team for the second year, he joined the team after a six-month internship in the laboratory by the Employment Center referral, where he went to find a job in September 2019.

“Like many other Mangystau graduates, I dreamed of getting a job at OzenMunaiGas after graduation. I could not get a job there. However, once I was employed here at KazNIPImunaigas, I became interested in science. And my mentor, Askhat Yessenzhanov, a Senior Engineer, and other senior colleagues, played a big role in guiding me in my new specialization and in the laboratory altogether. Now I see first-hand the growing interest in and development of our laboratory, I believe it has a bright future. I admit that I have received several job offers from Oil companies, but I have turned them down. I am currently working on a full-size core for the report, and I will be assigned to filtration studies soon. The more I explore the research processes, the more interesting it gets for me,” our young colleague shared with us.

Now he recalls his years of study in Moscow with warm feelings, he studied Oil and Gas Well Drilling there. Internships at the MGRI test site in Sergiyev Posad during the second and third years were especially exciting. Students learned the basics of their future profession on real drilling rigs and production sites.

“I am only 24 years old, and I believe the younger generation will contribute to the improvement of our society. I have learned here in the lab how important it is to work as a team, not to complain about current circumstances, but to work hard and improve skills on a daily basis. My goal is to learn new research areas every six months in order to become a professional in my field and help the Oil & Gas Industry reach its full potential,” one of the KMG Engineering team’s youngest petrophysicists announced his ambitious plans.

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