Arailym OTEBAI: Challenges and seemingly impossible tasks fascinate me in my work

Arailym OTEBAI: Challenges and seemingly impossible tasks fascinate me in my work

On the eve of the spring holiday – International Women’s Day, we continue the column about the excellent women of KMGE, who together with men participate in the most complex projects and make a great contribution to the development of the scientific component in the Oil & Gas industry.

One of them is Arailym Kairashkyzy OTEBAI, an expert of the analytical research department of the OMG branch of KazNIPImunaigas KMG Engineering. Arailym is a graduate of K.I. Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University, majoring in Oil & Gas, who has been awarded two prestigious educational scholarships – the Presidential Scholarship (2011-2013) and the Chevron Scholarship for Academic Achievement (2012-2013). Arailym joined the team last autumn with a vast experience gained at NIPIneftegas JSC as part of the Department of Oil & Gas Fields Development for Kazakhstani Projects

She has already demonstrated leading performance in her area of work and not only over the past relatively short period.

Her supervisor Galimzhan TOREBAI, head of the Analytical Research Department, describes Arailym in the following way:  

“Having extensive experience in supporting and defending projects at the level of the Central Committee for Exploration and Exploitation of Mineral Resources of RK and State Reserves Committee on the fields of OzenMunaiGas, MangistauMunaiGas JSC and Private Companies in Atyrau region, Arailym has proved herself a responsible and professional employee with high performance culture, who promptly implements the projects and issues assigned to her. She has smoothly adapted to our team, actively participating in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports, in the work on increasing the oil recovery ratio and production profile, independently and actively interacting with customer representatives and other people involved in the projects.”

We have interviewed Arailym about her work, hobbies, and beloved family.

“The main part of my work consists of expert support and maintenance of the projects of KazMunayGas National Company JSC in terms of development. We are currently working with the team on the following projects: “The development strategy of low-permeability reservoirs (LPR) and involvement of the 13 horizon non-draining reserves” and “Involvement of the 14 horizon non-draining reserves: Assessment of the current and potential Oil Recovery factor for various facial zones”, – tells Arailym, – Most of all I am fascinated by challenges and tasks which are not achievable at first sight. And, of course, I intend to develop my professional skills and expand my knowledge in the area of field development.” 

Why did you choose the profession of an employee in the Oil & Gas industry?

“I grew up and graduated from school in Karaganda city, where people still heat their stoves with coal in private houses in the city center even today. Already since high school, I was concerned about the gasification of Central Kazakhstan and the energy industry in general of our country. That’s why I chose the Oil & Gas Industry.”

How do you allocate your time between intensive work and family?

“I am married and we have two children. I try to devote all my free time to my family and children as much as possible. I spend all weekends and holidays with my family. In today’s world, it is not so difficult for women to combine work and family, but it is important that close people support and understand. In this regard I am very lucky.”

What is your favorite thing to do in your leisure time? 

“As a working mother and wife, I don’t have much time for myself. Nevertheless, I love reading science fiction books in my spare time, and I also enjoy watching movies in this genre. And as for active recreation, perhaps, only walking along the embankment.”     

Thank you for the interview!

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