AnnualSummaryMeeting at KMG Engineering

AnnualSummaryMeeting at KMG Engineering

The work results were analyzed within the framework of the annual meeting of the team with the company’s management at the head office of KMG Engineering.

KMG Engineering LLP held an online meeting on the results of production activities and discussion of development outlooks.

Malik Salimgereyev, General Director of KMG Engineering LLP, addressed the team with an introductory speech, who briefly informed about significant projects in the oil and gas industry and the key results of the company’s development to date. Thus, the company adopted and has been implementing the Development Program of KMG Engineering LLP since 2023 that is calculated until 2031. Among the achievements of the past year, it is necessary to note the recalculation of hydrocarbon crudes of Kalamkas field and the increase in recoverable oil reserves amounted to 32.6 million tons; preparation and approval of 5 projects for the geological study of the subsoil, their implementation is planned from the current year; creation of an Internet portal Center for Experimental and Industrial Tests of KMGE; development and approval of indicators for technical challenges for subsidiaries and affiliates of KMG; concept development of Ozenmunaigas field rehabilitation, as well as a technical inspection of the fields. In addition, the development of 11 out of 17 ABAI IS modules has been completed.

Two international research-to-practice conferences and an international roundtable were held last year. 4 inventor’s certificates, 3 patents for intellectual property objects have been received. The Collection of Research Papers of KMGE No. 2, 4 issues of Kazakhstan Journal for Oil and Gas Industry, 12 news bulletins and the Collection of proceedings of the Prospects for the Implementation of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR) at a Brownfield Condition conference have been published.

Among the plans for 2023 are the evaluation of oil and gas projects, including the solution of gas issues and projects to support renewable energy sources, carrying out engineering researches and offshore projects, support for the OMG field rehabilitation project, replication and technical support for ABAI IS.

The company pays close attention to the work carried out within the framework of social policy. Social support is provided to employees in order to create favorable conditions for their effective work, maintain and attract qualified experts. Thus, among the implemented projects in the field of competency development, HR and legal support, one can note the approval of a new organizational structure of KMGE with an increase in the number of personnel from 919 to 1013 people; 10% increase in salaries for full-time employees and transition to GROSS salaries, equalization of salaries with full-time employees and inclusion of bonuses for outstaffing employees; a gradual increase in the salary levels of branches to the salary levels of the head office have been approved.

Modular programs such as “Reservoir Engineer”, “Chief Geologist”, “Professional Foreman”, “Mechanician” for employees of the subsidiaries and affiliates of KMG have been implemented. In total, 1,905 KMGE employees were trained in 2022, of which 1,436 people completed mandatory types of training, 469 people completed individual/corporate training. The Rules for the training of the most sought-after specialists of KMGE have been approved.

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