KMGE KazNIPImunayGas branch summarises its production and economic activities

KMGE KazNIPImunayGas branch summarises its production and economic activities

At a meeting of the Branch and KMGE management and staff representatives, the following were among the key events of the past year:

Approval of 12 projects by the central committee for exploration and development, 7 reports by the State Reserves Committee, 146 technical well construction projects and development of 42 design documentation and 1 project feasibility study;

Approval of reserve recalculations and Technical and Economic Substantiation of Oil Recovery Factor for the Kalamkam oil field with an increase in recoverable oil reserves of 32.8 million tonnes;

Approval of the Uzen development project, adoption of development option 3 with a design oil recovery factor of 43.8% in 2052.;

Geological-hydrodynamic and geomechanical modelling – 36 models (28 GHDM and 8 GMM);

Participation in the “Prospects of Chemical EOR Application in the Late Stage of Development” International Scientific Conference in Astana;

Publication of 3 articles in 4 editions of the Kazakhstan journal for Oil & Gas industry.

Presenting his plans for the current year, Bakyt Imanbayev, head of the branch, mentioned a number of areas:

Fulfillment of contractual obligations between KMG Engineering KazNIPImunaigas LLP branch and KazMunayGas NC JSC subsoil users;

Achieving incremental production through geological and engineering operations and drilling new wells at OMG, MMG and KBM fields;

Hydrocarbon reserves assessment reports and project documents for the development of deposits of KMG subsoil users;

В Implementation of roadmap activities for Oil Recovery Factor (MMG JSC, OMG JSC, KBM JSC) 2023.

Achievement of procurement targets;

Scientific articles publication.

There was also a special focus on the activities of the ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND STANDARDIZATION CENTRE.

Over the past reporting period, there was methodological and documentation support for the use of the new estimated regulatory framework for the construction of production wells at the Zhetybai, Assar and Kalamkas fields of Mangistaumunaigas JSC.

Estimated regulatory basis, aside from time norms, was developed to calculate the cost of well workover and workover operations for Oil Services Company LLP.

Factorial analysis of contract cost and estimated cost based on developed estimate normative base for three types of major well repairs and three types of current well repairs for the first quarter of 2023 at Oil Services Company LLP carrying out repair works was performed. Ozenmunaigas JSC implemented the Lean Manufacturing Project, and the Digital Assistant (DOGA) module was introduced. Time standards, personnel standards, and tariffication of works for maintaining measuring and automation systems and facilities, metrological support and repair of measuring and automation facilities, and communication and telecommunication systems of Munaytelecom LLP were also developed.

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