Workshop for KMGE School students

Workshop for KMGE School students

In November 2022, as part of the KMG Engineering LLP and Satpayev KazNITU cooperation and with the aim of sharing professional knowledge and improving the technical competencies of KMGE School students, KMGE launched a series of training events by internal trainers in the format of face-to-face workshops.

On 24 February 2023, Marina Pohilyuk, New Technology Hydrodynamic Modelling Service expert at KMGE Modelling and Production Enhancement Department, presented “Application of 3D Hydrodynamic Modelling for Oil and Gas Field Determination”.

The workshop was attended by approximately 30 third-year petroleum engineering students, as well as students from the KMGE School program.

KMGE internal trainer demonstrated practical examples of constructing a 3D digital geological and hydrodynamic model of an Oil and Gas field and shared information on the principles of constructing a 3D hydrodynamic model, understanding how to incorporate field data into the model via the well, what keywords are used for digital modeling and their correlation to real data, and much more.

Students reinforced their theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, so that they could create their own input file with wells for the model and defend their findings in front of an audience.

Aside from the workshop, Ms. Pohilyuk led a motivational meeting with students on personal development titled “Getting out of your comfort zone,” which included an interesting session on life planning and prioritization. Students took an active role and as the session ended, they asked questions on recommended reading of fiction, professional and SOFT-Skills literature.

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