As part of the first module, Boost project participants presented their reports at the Pitching Lab. Based on what they had learned, they presented their own projects.

The trainer’s goal during the entire course of work with the participants was to not only transfer theoretical information, but also to create conditions that allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the practical field.

“This is necessary for them to strengthen their skills, which include public speaking. The speakers presented outstanding speeches on numerous issues connected to the company’s activities, each on their own topic, in the final module, which was devoted to persuasive communication,” said Boost project organizers.

The best presentations were:

Nikita Pronin – topic: «ABAI-integrated lab module»,

– Vladimir Shishkin – topic: «Permanent hydrodynamic models construction»,

– Sara Kulzhanova – topic: «ABAI information system»,

– Zhanar Baiburina – topic: «Pemex training».

As a reminder, the Boost Sales Project Modular Training Program is developed for KMG Employees. The goal of the course is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s interactions with customers, to strengthen KMG Engineering’s external image, and to develop an organized approach to contacts with partners.

Project participants will be provided the opportunity to gain skills on the following topics:

– Persuasive Communication;

– Meaningful Management;

– Product management;

– Effective interaction technology and techniques for negotiations and sales with company customers;

– Effective Sales Training.

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