“Effective Coaching – Speed Coaching”

“Effective Coaching – Speed Coaching”

This was the slogan of the first SPEED COACHING, organized by the Competence Development Service of KMG Engineering for employees of KMGE and KazMunayGas NC JSC.

All invited participants were very active, so they learned not only the coaching project in a mini-session format, but also found answers to the most important questions.

The main goal of the event, as conceived by the organizers, was to enable the invited guests to discover new sides of themselves through communication with experts in an informal environment, to decide on a suitable coach for further work, and to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time. According to participant feedback both during and after the session, the mission was accomplished and the project exceeded expectations. 

“This is a really great balance ratio. I figured out what my problem area was. It was productive and informative for me. I could get wise advice and instructions. I was also able to address all of my questions to the coach, received answers and direction as to where and how to move forward. I shared my plans with the coach that I want to implement, and thanks to him, I found specific ways to achieve them in the shortest possible time”, says one of the SPEED COACHING participants.

“Fortune is guaranteed, and I overcame my fear in less than 10 minutes, which is fantastic! “Thank you for the high-level organization, communication with the coach, opportunity, and victory over fear”, said another inspired project participant in her feedback to the organizers.

“I enjoyed everything. The meeting was productive and I learned a lot from the coaching session. It was very useful, we worked out one issue.”

“It was a very positive and enjoyable experience. I discovered my fears. It was a very effective tool from her. I liked the coach because she was able to solve my problem in 10 minutes. And I will definitely participate again the visitors”, said enthusiastically after meeting with the coaches.

“I liked the unconventional approach. The coach assisted me in understanding what I required and how critical and urgent it was. This allows you to shift your attention away from the trivial and toward the important.” 

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn about coaching and development opportunities at the company, both personally and professionally.”

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