The future of Kazakhstan is in reliable hands of hardworking and talented youth

The future of Kazakhstan is in reliable hands of hardworking and talented youth

Baltabayeva Dina – Engineer of the EMG Field Development Service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering.

Personal achievements:

In 2021 I graduated from Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Business and became a graduate of the KMGE School. Since 2017, I have been a member of the KNTU SPE SC student organization, in 2018-2019 I headed the Language Development Group, and also took part in the Annual Caspain Petrocongress-2019 organization.

If in 2017 someone told me that I would become an engineer in this area, I certainly would not believe it. However, I think that everything is going in the best way, which is directly supported by the KMGE school program. Participation in this program was a big step on my way, and it was definitely the right decision.

At the time of my undergraduate practice, my mentor was Zhaslan Uzykanov – Director of the Integrated Modeling Department. His knowledge and experience, which he was able to share in a short period, helped me when analyzing the development of fractured reservoirs, selecting design solutions for increasing oil recovery of complex fields, introducing new technologies for specific mining and geological conditions.

Since August of this year, I have been holding the position of an engineer of the EMG Field Development Service of the Development Department of the Atyrau branch of KMGE.

Now Dina is fully applying in her work the knowledge that was obtained within the framework of training under the KMGE School program. For 3 months of work, she completed the “Analysis of the development of the Zaburunye field”, this is one of the top EMG fields, where the polymer flooding project is being successfully implemented. She feels constant support and help on emerging issues from her colleagues at the head of the manager of the service Bektasov Azamat Amangeldinovich.

The defense of this project document at the CCRD meeting is planned for the end of November. This is an opportunity to show knowledge and a great responsibility for me. I will try to justify the hopes placed on me, as well as to defend the report I have completed with high quality. My goal is to contribute to the development of the oil and gas industry, to increase the oil recovery factor in false fields, to find new solutions for the rational development of hard-to-recover and high-viscosity oils, to prove that the future of Kazakhstan is in the reliable hands of hard-working and talented youth!

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