Valuable lessons learned

Valuable lessons learned

KMG Engineering experts visited Green Spark Limited LLP in Aksai to share their knowledge of low-carbon hydrogen production.

From November 6-10, Daulet Zhakupov (Senior Engineer of Department of Alternative Energy), Alisa Kim (Lead Engineer of Department of Alternative Energy) and Yerdaulet Abuov (Researcher of Hydrogen Technology Research Laboratory) visited Aksai within the framework of previously signed MOU between KMG Engineering and Green Spark Limited LLP.

The technological capabilities of green hydrogen production systems were examined in order to exchange practical experience on green hydrogen production. Employees from Green Spark Limited LLP demonstrated the operation of the green hydrogen production system, which includes solar panels, an electrolyzer, an inverter, accumulators, a compressor, and hydrogen storage tanks.

The Green Spark Limited LLP system uses alkaline electrolyzers, characterized by their long service life compared to their competitors, PEM electrolyzers. They are, however, less efficient. To maintain the electrochemical reaction in the system with an alkaline electrolyzer, liquid electrolyte (highly concentrated potassium hydroxide) must be recirculated. The CC employees also studied the work of the PVsyst 7.2 software, which can be used to estimate the solar panel parameters (number of panels, angle, number of inverters) required for green hydrogen production. When solar panels generate insufficient power, electricity for the electrolysers is drawn from the central power grid and batteries. The amount of electricity received from the central grid is later compensated by the solar panels during peak power generation.

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