A master class for the students, participating in the KMGE School program

A master class for the students, participating in the KMGE School program

Within the frames of the cooperation between KMG Engineering LLP and K.I. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University, and in order to disseminate the professional knowledge and improve the level of technical competencies of the students, participating in the KMGE School program, a number of training events for the KMGI internal trainers has been launched in November 2022, in the format of full-time master classes.

On March 13, 2023, Assel Zholdybayeva, an expert of the Service for Hydrodynamic Simulation of New Technologies of the Department of Simulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery of KMGI, has delivered a speech on the topic “Forecasting the main production indicators in business planning”.

The master class has been attended by about 34 students of the 2-3 courses in the specialty “Petroleum Engineering”, as well as the students of the KMGE School program.

The KMG internal coach has delivered a presentation, during which Assel has introduced the students to the business planning model. The students have been provided with the general information on the main production development indicators, modern approaches to forecasting oil and fluid production, as well as the main forecasting models (the models of oil displacement by water, statistical models, material balance, etc.).

As part of the master class, several practical exercises have been held. The interest of the students has been reflected in the positive feedback, as well as in the discussion of the topics, related to the promising areas and specialties in the oil sector. The students have expressed their gratitude to KMGI and the coach for the conducted master class.

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