Work hard to make your dream come true

Work hard to make your dream come true

Peers of Independence – behind them a difficult childhood in the difficult 90s, growing up in a dynamically developing country, growing family well-being and great prospects for education. One of them, Nurlybek Nurmakhanov, engineer of the large projects development service of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP.

    According to Nurlybek, who was born and raised in Shymkent, his childhood fell on a difficult period for the country. There was often no light or gas at home, and lessons had to be done by candlelight.

      His parents are humble workers. Mom still works as a nurse, my father worked as a driver, but at that difficult time he often found himself out of work, and now he works part-time by taxi.

-Until the 10th grade, we lived in a one-room apartment of 33 square meters, which was provided to my father when he was a bus driver in the year of my birth. Later, during my graduate studies in the Bolashak program in the United States, I simultaneously worked as a teaching assistant and saved a scholarship. Within 1.5 years, we managed to accumulate an amount sufficient for an initial payment and we bought a 3-room apartment through Zhilstroisberbank. I received my higher education in the specialty “Oil and Gas Business” at the South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov in his hometown of Shymkent, where he entered on a grant. And then he continued his education at the master’s degree program “Bolashak” at one of the best oil and gas universities in the world – the Colorado Mining School. I admit that studying there was not easy, but I made every effort to get an excellent education and work in this direction, – Nurlybek shared with us.

  Now he works in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP on the intensification of oil production at the fields of the National Company KazMunayGas JSC group of companies and independently studies programming on the Codeacademey platform. His future goal is to become a programmer who works with data from the oil and gas industry. And Nurlybek last year created a family in which a daughter was already born..

–  As a citizen of our country, I dream for our country to prosper and for the economy to receive income not only from oil production. We also need to develop a lot in other areas of the economy, such as agriculture, tourism and IT. And I, in turn, want to contribute to the digitalization of the oil and gas industry. In this anniversary year, I want to wish all Kazakhstanis prosperity, never give up and work as much as possible to achieve their dreams! – the young worker of KMG Engineering LLP congratulated compatriots.

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