KMGE PetroBowl 2023

KMGE PetroBowl 2023

The Council of Young Specialists of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP, together with the R&D block, have held the first intellectual industry quiz – KMGE PetroBowl 2023.

KMGE PetroBowl is an intellectual tournament in which teams compete proactively and answer both technical and non-technical questions, related to the oil and gas industry. The purpose of the “KMGE PetroBowl” event has been to organize team the activities, aimed at increasing knowledge in the field of oil and gas business, improving skills in group work. The intellectual tournament “KMGE PetroBowl 2023” has included 3 rounds:

  1. Blitz test.
  2. Case study.
  3. Clash of the Titans.

With the purpose to control the game fairness, the panel of judges has been formed

  • Mukhtanov B.M. – EMG Project Manager,
  • Yskak A.A. – Head of the Major Projects
  • Abuyev R.B. – Project Manager (KGM, KOA, KTM and UO),

1 round. The blitz test has consisted of 30 questions of medium complexity, worth of 1 point. An average of 30 seconds have been allotted for the discussion of 1 question, during which the participants have had to pass a test on a laptop, which has been located in front of them on the table.

2-round. The case study has consisted of one open question, containing a specific problem, worth of 10 points. To defend the proposed solution, the 2 participants have come out, voicing all the information, recorded in the time allotted for the solution.

3 round. The clash of the Titans has consisted of 10 difficult questions, worth of 2 points. 30 seconds have been allotted for the discussion of 1 question, during which any member of the teams could press the button, located in front of him on the table and answer the question.

The participants have had a unique opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and compete for the title of the winner of the tournament in the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. Having coped with all stages of the quiz, the “NOMAD” team has won the first place:

  • Zhakash Diyar Galimuly, Lead Engineer of the Oil and Gas Production Engineering and Technology Service,
  • Sabirova Ainiyet Gazizovna, Senior Engineer of the Geophysics and Petrophysics Service,
  • Bekmukhanov Yerkebulan Gilazhovich, an expert on a large project (in the group of experts),
  • Zinollayev Adilet Bolatbekuly, an engineer of the EMG Field Development Service.

Bekmukhanov Yerkebulan from the “NOMAD” team has become the best player of the tournament.

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