Development of Energy Systems in Central Asia – Kazakhstan Expert Focus

Development of Energy Systems in Central Asia – Kazakhstan Expert Focus

KMG Engineering Alternative Energy Department employees are actively involved in the study and discussion of these and other equally pressing issues in hydrogen energy, such as Creation of Resilient Energy Systems in Central Asia, Progress of Decarbonization Projects, Hydrocarbon Neutrality, Blue Hydrogen Production.

Two important events on these topics were held recently in Almaty and Astana.

2nd Almaty Energy Forum – Building resilient energy systems in Central Asia:

The creation of Resilient Energy Systems in Central Asia was discussed at this Forum. Yerdaulet Abuov, a scientist at the Hydrogen Technology Research Laboratory, spoke at the moderated discussion session on “Sustainable Hydrogen Production in Central Asia,” emphasizing the importance of focusing on small-scale or pilot decarbonization projects in order to meet the stated ambitious goals of achieving carbon neutrality.

“Also, the participants of the Forum claimed that Natural Gas is a stopgap solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the use of clean fuels like hydrogen and biofuels in the future,” said a representative of the KMGE.

The “SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference,” held on November 15-17 this year in Kazakhstan’s capital, was the second large-scale event in the field of Green Energy.

SPE sessions address issues related to geology, production, field development, digitalization, drilling, professional competence development and energy transition.

Representatives from Eni and Chevron presented examples of low-carbon technology applications in Oil & Gas companies during the panel sessions (wind turbines in Kazakhstan and CCUS Projects in Australia and Canada).

Yerdaulet Abuov, a researcher from KMGE Hydrogen Technology Research Laboratory, and Daulet Zhakupov, a Senior Engineer from the Department of Alternative Energy, spoke at a conference on the production of blue hydrogen in Western Kazakhstan.

KMGE representatives also demonstrated how the development of CCUS hubs in Kazakhstan can assist in lowering the cost of CCUS technologies. The findings have been published in the OnePetro industry journal.

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