Azamat – Citizen of his country

Azamat – Citizen of his country

Azamat Amanov – Head of the Corporate Solutions Sector of KMG Engineering.

Quick reference:

Azamat – originally from the East Kazakhstan region, after studying at ENU at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, he received a bachelor’s degree, two years later – a master’s degree in automation and control. In 2019, he completed a specialization in administration Kadme “Whereoil” v.3.1 (IT) at the “Search-Cenrtic” company. In addition, he studied at Bas University in the direction of Implementing Cisco IP Routing (Route) and National cadet corps India, receiving a specialization in the International Training Program.

The young man came to KMG Engineering in 2014 as an engineer in the Department of Information Technology Support and in 7 years has gone through all stages of career growth, from an engineer to the head of the IT Technology Sector, you can say about him a “self-made person”.

Continuous improvement of professional knowledge and improvement of existing skills did not go unnoticed by the management of KMGE. Thus, the young man was entrusted, perhaps, with one of the most responsible areas of work. Since last year, Azamat has been leading the development of IT technologies in a company specializing in the development and implementation of modern, advanced, engineering solutions at the KazMunayGas fields.

In addition, Azamat was included in the personnel reserve of KMG Engineering, whose participants passed a competitive selection and are potential candidates for managerial positions in the company, since they have the necessary skills of professional and managerial competencies.

Currently Azamat is engaged in the implementation and development of CRM systems; integration and automation of technological and business processes in the company, as well as management of the sector of corporate solutions in terms of the development and maintenance of IS.

Despite the tight work schedule, the young leader tries to devote time to social and scientific activities. Served as the author of an article on the implementation of budget planning automation based on SAP BO PC software, published in the Collection of Articles of the International Scientific and Practical Conference of the European Fund for Innovative Development. Azamat was an active member of the Council of Young Professionals (CYP) of KMGE, participating in various actions and projects of the organization.

“I am a representative of the young generation of Kazakhstanis, born and raised in the atmosphere of Independence, I am glad that I had the opportunity to get a higher education, engage in self-development, use the time for professional growth, build a career in the company and devote myself to what I love. I appreciate my work, because here my knowledge and skills bring concrete benefits to the people and the country in which I live, and I also feel support from the leadership “.

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