KMG Engineering signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Astana IT University

KMG Engineering signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Astana IT University

During the meeting, the partners presented the main achievements of the activity to date.

Thus, Astana IT University positions itself as a university that provides digital transformation through training, research and implementation of successful innovations. Currently, the university is recognized as a leading competence center for digital transformation in Central Asia.

As noted at the meeting, among the strategic goals of IT University is the construction of an effective training system in the field of IT technologies and related areas of knowledge that meet the needs of the quasi-state and public sector.

The main mission of the university is to train highly qualified specialists in the digital economy based on interdisciplinary technologies. Now the university is implementing a project to form a Smart Campus and, in general, to expand the existing infrastructure.

In turn, the partners in the presentation format were informed about the progress of the breakthrough project ABAI (Advanced Artificial Intelligence Base).

In the future, the ABAI system will combine the existing production information data, which are now stored in disparate databases on a single digital platform for the corporate center of KMG. The analysis will be carried out using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Within the framework of the meeting, the parties reached an agreement on joint participation in the process of training personnel for narrow specialization in IT within the framework of the KMGE School project. Participation in the project involves the selection of the best students who, based on the results of training in a special program, passing educational and industrial practice, as well as defending diplomas, will be able to find a job at KMG Engineering and contribute to the development of information technologies in the oil and gas sector.

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