KMG Engineering employee took part in an international internship

KMG Engineering employee took part in an international internship

Didar Dauletbakov, a senior scientist at KMGE’s Competence Center for Hydrogen Energy, has completed a ten-day training course as part of the international internship programme organised by JCCP (Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum). Theme of the internship: “Japan’s activities and technologies towards a carbon-neutral society”.

Despite the relaxation of restrictions on entry to Japan, JCCP ran the course in a hybrid format for security reasons: half of the course participants were able to travel to the country and visit industrial sites as well as learn about the unique Japanese culture. The others, of whom Didar happened to be one, were trained in an online format.

– “I am very happy to have been able to be part of the project and to have survived the competition; there were a large number of applicants from different countries and the number of participants is strictly limited. This is my second JCCP training. The first experience and knowledge-filled trip was six years ago. At that time, the programme was about reliability and maintenance in refineries,” Didar recalls.

He explained how the training was organized this time.

– “The format was a bit unfamiliar. So, after the lectures, the participants were divided into groups to practice their tasks. We had to connect to calls in the late evenings, given the time difference of listeners from other countries. We were all interested to learn about the energy situation in Japan, the outlook for hydrogen and other alternative technologies, and the approaches the government has taken in developing a national strategy to create a carbon-neutral society. It is a very interesting social experience, where the transfer of information and the exchange of ideas take place, and where different cultures and worldviews are introduced. There is no doubt that all the knowledge and materials learned during the course were very useful and will help me and my colleagues at the center to implement potential projects for the benefit of the company and the country,” says the company’s young professional.

For reference: JCCP (Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum) is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1981 by Japanese oil and engineering companies to strengthen international cooperation in the oil and gas industry.

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