We continue to share the news of the “ОқуLand” Book Club

We continue to share the news of the “ОқуLand” Book Club

The “ОқуLand” participants in April read a book called “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Change Your Life. 21 methods of increasing personal effectiveness” by Brian Tracy. Marina Pokhilyuk, internal coach, held a mini-training based on the book read, instead of the usual meeting with discussions and activities, on April 28.

The purpose of the training was to reinforce the main insights of the book and to motivate participants to apply approaches that will help them manage their time more efficiently and achieve their objectives. The training had a dynamic atmosphere, with coworkers motivating and inspiring one another to try new things.

We thank everyone who takes an active part in the activities of the book club.

We continue to encourage everyone to read, develop, be interested, and be constantly on the lookout for new knowledge and new experiences!

“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man” F. Bacon.

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