Effective technologies for KMG fields

Effective technologies for KMG fields

Today KMG Engineering is hosting an International Round Table on enhancing the efficiency of bactericides application when using sea water in RPM system (reservoir pressure maintenance).

Representatives of major oil companies, leading research institutes of Kazakhstan, and a number of foreign countries, including China, Russia, and others take part in the event.

Their main objective is to share and learn from colleagues’ experiences in the joint search for effective SRB (sulfate-reducing bacteria) suppression technologies and bactericide application methods.

“It is known that fields in Western Kazakhstan owned by the KMG group of companies are currently being developed with RPM and untreated seawater injection. Following that, microbiological contamination worsens, and biological hydrogen sulphide and iron sulphide appear, increasing corrosive activity and complicating the oil and water treatment process,” said Bakhytzhan Khassanov, General Director of KMG Engineering, in his report.

He believes that attracting world experts and bactericide manufacturers to suppress SRB in the framework of the Round Table will not only identify the most effective technologies to date for the fields of KazMunayGas NC JSC, but will also find ways to solve problems in the implementation of current projects. The solution to increasing bactericide application efficiency when using sea water in the RPM system entails the use of fundamentally new technologies.

The event is expected to provide a practical application for all questions and suggestions raised by participants in KMGE research activities. Based on a thorough examination of the presentations, the company’s experts intend to develop specific recommendations for subsoil users in Kazakhstan.

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