KMG Engineering continues to strengthen cooperation with Atyrau University of Oil and Gas

KMG Engineering continues to strengthen cooperation with Atyrau University of Oil and Gas

A fruitful meeting between the partners took place yesterday in the oil capital, with the participation of KMG, KMGE and university management.

It is a fact that today more than 30% of the employees of KMG Engineering’s Atyrau branch are graduates of Safi Utebayev University of Oil and Gas. 

Since 2020, our company has been implementing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the university in the field of education, improvement of teaching methods and scientific support.

To date, about 50 students (undergraduates) annually undergo professional practice within the walls of KMG Engineering, supervision of the graduation project is provided, KMGE employees participate in visiting lectures, organize research trips.

As part of the development and support for young professionals, the KMG School/dual education programme is being successfully implemented. Nine students, graduates from the year 2023, are now participating.

– KMGE is interested in staff development and 11 staff members are currently studying for Masters and PhD degrees at the university. Also one of the special programmes working with universities is the KMGE School educational project – this is the first successful programme, which ended in 2021, where 25 students (Satpayev KazNTU) were trained and employed by KMGE,” said Malik Salimgereyev, general director of KMG Engineering at the meeting.

He noted that the programme itself includes training of university students from 3rd year, which includes additional disciplines and training by KMG Engineering.

In 2021-22 a second stream of students was launched based on an agreement between KMGI and AUNiG on dual training, where 9 third-year students are studying geology and oil and gas field development. Completion of the course is scheduled for September this year.

Also, an industrial committee of oil and gas industry personnel has been established on the basis of Atyrau University. The experts of KMG Engineering are actively involved in its work and support the activities of the university, creating synergies between the educational and production structure.

With the support of JSC Embamunaigas, KMGE developed a DED for the project “Construction of a training ground for S. Utebayev University of Oil and Gas in Atyrau”. Various ideas have been proposed for the formation, development and launch of the polygon in order to improve the training of university entrants. The very idea of the polygon will allow students to experience in practice the work process of production personnel and to prepare in advance for the process of work in the oil sphere.

As part of his speech, the head of KMGE expressed the company’s willingness to strengthen cooperation with the university in the area of working with students, in the professional development of the institute’s staff and in the joint development of R&D projects.

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