Well construction design

Well construction design

Well construction design

In the field of drilling, KMG is engaged in improving the efficiency of technological processes for well construction in subsidiaries and affiliates of KazMunayGas and preparing recommendations for improving technological processes during well construction and concluding investment exploration/production projects in terms of well construction.

Halliburton’s Landmark software package is currently used for engineering calculations when designing wells.

The following models are used in the calculations:
Designing trajectories. Designing trajectories of any complexity, as well as analyzing the intersections of trunks.
Casing columns. Casing string stress model, cementing model, casing string centering.
Mechanics of pipes. Model of axial loads and moments of the column.
Models of hydraulics. A model of hydraulics in normal circulation, a model of hydraulics in SPO, hydraulics of drilling on a depression, modeling of well silencing, modeling of the temperature regime of the well.

KMG specialists have extensive experience that allows them to develop projects of any complexity, both for land and sea projects. On a permanent basis, they cooperate with 8 major oil and gas producing subsidiaries of KazMunayGas – JSC “Ozenmunaygas”, JSC “Embamunaygas”, JSC “Mangistaumunaygas”, JSC “Karazhanbasmunai”, LLP “Kazakhoil-Aktobe”, LLP “Kazakhturkmunai”, JV “Kazgermunai”, LLP “Urikhtau Operating”.

In addition, KMG specialists have also developed projects for the construction of exploration wells in the Caspian Sea, for “N Operating Company” LLP, “Zhambyl Petroleum” LLP, the design of the V-1 exploration well at the Zhenis structure is being carried out. To control the construction of wells, specialists conduct author’s supervision over compliance with the requirements of project documentation during construction.

KMG performs monitoring and analysis (monthly, quarterly) of the quality of drilling and cementing of wells, development of regulations, scientific and technical documentation for drilling, OPI of new formulations of drilling and grouting solutions (scientific and technical support at the facilities of KazMunayGas subsidiaries).