Supervision and Technology Support Center

Supervision and Technology Support Center

Supervision and Technology Support Center

Technical control (supervision) of the well construction and repair process is carried out by the Supervision Services in the branches of Kaspiymunaigas and KazNIPImunaigas in order to ensure technical and technological control of well construction, automation, digitalization and ensuring a unified information space and data continuity at all levels and stages of the management of drilling and repair of KazMunaiGas wells. Comprehensive support of all stages of well construction allows you to analyze and make the right decision to improve the efficiency of all technological processes.

The main functions of supervision:
operational analysis of drilling of complex wells in the fields of the subsidiaries of JSC NC “KazMunayGas”;
engineering support for drilling;
organization of supervision at the fields of KMG subsidiaries and affiliates;
collection, systematization and analysis of drilling data;
technological support for drilling complex wells in terms of directional drilling;
calculation and analysis of the BSC on specialized software, issuing conclusions and recommendations, etc. with the issuance of conclusions and recommendations.

At the current time, the supervision of drilling at the fields of Embamunaigas JSC and Ozenmunaigas JSC is carried out by the branch of KMG Engineering LLP “Kaspiymunaigas”. In 2020, it is planned to perform supervision services during drilling at Kazakhturkmunai LLP. The main goals for the coming years are:
expanding the coverage of supervision to other KMG subsidiaries;
increasing the number of supervisors at JSC Ozenmunaigas;
improving the skills of supervisors;
introduction of a unified reporting system in the KMG group of companies;
improving the quality of well construction.

In order to ensure the reliability, objectivity and efficiency of obtaining information, compliance with design decisions, regulations and work plans for the construction of wells at the fields of KMG subsidiaries, an Electronic well file (a single daily report form) was introduced and a single corporate database was created at the KMG head office.

For technological support of drilling ((Center for Technological Support (CTS)) -round-the-clock monitoring, control and remote engineering support for the construction of complex wells (directional, horizontal, ZBGS) is carried out in real time at the fields of KMG subsidiaries and affiliates. Specialists of various specialties (drillers, geologists, geophysicists and geomechanics) work in the CTS.

Since 2015, a specially equipped Technology Support Center (formerly the Competence Center) has been operating. The prerequisite is the growth of drilling volumes of complex wells (horizontal, multi-barrel wells with a horizontal end, deep vertical and inclined), associated with the full-scale involvement of hard-to-recover reserves in the development.

The work is carried out by the Department of Control and technological support-a “multidisciplinary team” consisting of drillers, geologists, geophysicists and developers:
In 2015-2016, the specialists of the Technological Support Center monitored the process, i.e. displayed / analyzed online data on the LED screen, but did not interfere with the drilling process;
since 2017, for the first time, KazMunayGas has successfully implemented and is conducting geological support (geonavigation) for horizontal and multi-barrel wells with horizontal termination (the management tools used are Petrel and StarSteer);
since the end of 2018, for the first time, KazMunayGas has successfully implemented and is conducting technological support aimed at trouble – free drilling / reducing unproductive time for complex wells (the management tools used are Landmark, Techlog).
Since 2019, for the first time, KazMunayGas has started work on the construction of 1D geomechanical modeling at the fields of KMG subsidiaries, aimed at optimizing drilling processes while maintaining the integrity of the trunk, optimizing the trajectory and designing the well structure. Further development is geomechanical support of drilling in real drilling mode (the management tools used are Landmark software, Techlog).
In the period from 2017 to 2019, the Technological Support Center participated in the drilling of 57 complex wells at the Uzen, Kalamkas, Zhetybai, Akshabulak, S. Nurzhanov, V. Makat, Uaz, Zhanatalap and Botakhan fields.

In total, 193 recommendations were issued by the CTS specialists, 150 of which were agreed by everyone and implemented. More than 30 sector geological models, 25 preliminary and final reports were built.

Also, to track the current situation on the operational drilling of vertical wells, a situation center for monitoring the drilling and commissioning of new wells for JSC Ozenmunaigas has been launched in the branch of KMG Engineering “KazNIPImunaigas” (Aktau), an online monitoring center for drilling wells for JSC Mangistaumunaigas is functioning.