The development and implementation of innovative technical and technological solutions in the oil industry will increase the efficiency of the development of oil and gas fields and increase production. As part of the activities on the formation of topical problematic issues faced in the fields of Kazakhstan, and the consolidation of information on new technologies aimed at solving and improving them, NTS cooperates with the Department of New Technologies and Enhanced Oil Recovery and the Scientific and Technical Support Service. One of the main functions of KMG is to obtain and disseminate new knowledge and innovations to solve the production problems of the energy sector, the introduction into industrial production and the development of new technologies in oil production. The strategic goal is the search for the latest technical knowledge and effective solutions in the oil industry, their adaptation to the conditions of the production sites of subsidiaries with possible improvement.

In order to create a unified register on the technologies being implemented at the fields and maintain success statistics, work is being carried out on planning, organizing and accounting for pilot industrial tests (OPI) for the introduction of new technologies. Together with the experts of the relevant departments, a technical and economic assessment of the effectiveness of the use of technologies, consideration of similar techniques, evaluation of advantages and novelty is carried out, and upon completion of the tests, an analysis of the results is carried out.

The procedure for approving and conducting tests is registered in the register of the OPI. The register will allow to consolidate data on the tests carried out in the company, and in the future to choose the optimal solution and implement them at other fields.

To automate the OPI planning process, the issue of implementing an application system with ideas and proposals through the official website is being considered.

The procedure for searching for new technologies begins with the identification of problematic issues at the fields of NK KMG and the compilation of the “Problem List”. Further, publications, scientific articles and patent inventions aimed at solving these problems are monitored. Interaction is carried out with companies that have experience in solving similar problems in the format of field meetings or attending seminars and courses. The best solutions and ideas are submitted to the relevant experts for further detailed analysis.

The collection and accumulation of existing ideas within the group of companies of JSC NC KMG is carried out by organizing meetings or accepting applications from initiative people in the group of companies. It is also planned to work with leading Kazakhstani and foreign universities to test new technologies and conduct R&D. To develop the intellectual potential and stimulate the inventive activity of KMGI employees, training in methods of solving technical problems, participation in conferences, exhibitions and fairs in the areas of activity, internships and trainings, exchange of experience is expected.

The results of all works are submitted for discussion by the NTS.

Under KMG Engineering LLP, a Scientific and Technical Council functions to ensure an increase in the effectiveness of the implementation of programs of subsidiaries of JSC NC KazMunayGas, the promotion of technological innovations, scientific, information, analytical and expert support, the development of proposals on the scientific and practical significance of R&D areas in the oil and gas sector.

The Scientific and Technical Council carries out its activities as a consultative and advisory body and is intended for collegial discussion, development of proposals and recommendations for solving scientific and technical, technological, innovative and techno-economic issues.

The scientific and Technical support service has been defined as the working body of the Scientific and Technical Council.

In order to ensure high-quality scientific and expert support of decisions taken by JSC NC “KazMunayGas” on key issues of production activities, meetings of the NTS are held on a regular basis.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of intellectual property for our Partnership as a scientific subject. Realizing the importance and relevance of this issue, the management of the LLP organized a scientific and technical support service with a maximum bias in the field of intellectual property. So today, taking into account the technological tasks of the LLP, employees conduct research with the subsequent filing of an application for the issuance of a security document. Active inventive activity is shown by: Bekbauov Bakhbergen Yermekbayevich Director of the Department of new Technologies and enhanced oil recovery, Kasenov Akzhan Kainullaevich Director of the Department of Hydrodynamic Modeling, Abishev Daniyar Bakhytovich leading engineer of the Department of modeling and analysis of hydrodynamic models of the Department of Hydrodynamic Modeling, Shagilbayev Adil Zholdasovich leading engineer of the Department for working with complicated funds of the Department of analysis of mechanized fund and routine well repair, Ishangaliev Serik Vladimirovich Head of the Department of analysis of the mechanized fund of the Department of analysis of the mechanized fund and routine well repair, Saktaganov Dinmukhammad Zholdybekovich Director of the Department of Analysis of the mechanized fund and routine well repair.