Requirements for articles

Requirements for articles

Requirements for articles

I. Rules for publishing articles

The journal publishes scientific articles and notes, express reports on research results, experience in the introduction of new equipment (new technologies) and equipment at production facilities in various areas of the oil and gas industry in accordance with the journal headings.

The decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the journal after reviewing, taking into account the scientific significance and relevance of the submitted materials. Articles rejected by the editorial board are not re-accepted and are not considered. Manuscripts that are not designed according to the rules are returned to the authors without consideration.

When submitting a manuscript to the editorial office, the authors are recommended to specify three potential reviewers (with full name and email address) from among specialists in this field of research.

The manuscript is sent for review to a member of the editorial board and one of the specified reviewers; in controversial cases, at the discretion of the editorial board, additional reviewers are involved; based on expert opinions, the editorial board determines the future fate of the manuscript: acceptance for publication in the submitted form, the need for revision or rejection. If necessary, the manuscript is sent to the authors for revision according to the comments of reviewers and editors, after which it is re-reviewed, and the editorial board again decides on the acceptability of the manuscript for publication. The revised manuscript must be returned to the editorial office within a month after the authors receive feedback; otherwise, the manuscript is considered as newly received. A manuscript that has received insufficiently high marks during review is rejected as not corresponding to the level or profile of the journal’s publications.

The authors are responsible for the reliability and significance of the scientific results and the relevance of the scientific content of the works. Plagiarism is not allowed – the illegal use of someone else’s creative work intentionally committed by an individual, with the communication of false information about himself as a real author to other persons.

The editorial board accepts manuscripts in Kazakh, Russian and English sent by e-mail in the form of attached files (aItbayev.doc) to the address of the editorial office ………….

At all stages of work with manuscripts, as well as to communicate with authors, editors and reviewers, the editorial board uses electronic mail communication, so authors should be very attentive to the email address indicated in the manuscript and should promptly report changes that have occurred.

Sending an article to the Editorial Office means that the authors have not submitted similar material (in the original or translated into other languages or from other languages) to another journal (s), that this material has not been previously published and will not be sent to another publication or accepted for publication in another journal. If during the work on the manuscript it turns out that a similar material (possibly under a different name and with a different order of authors) is sent to another journal, the article is immediately returned to the authors, the incident is reported to the journal that accepted this material for consideration, with a recommendation to reject the article for violating the copyright of the Editorial Office and the Publisher.

II. Requirements for articles

The article includes the UDC index, the title and text of the article, summary, keywords, references, figures, tables and is made out in one file; in addition, each figure is made out as a separate file. Information about the authors is sent in a separate file. If the sent material is large in volume, you should use archiving programs. All pages of the manuscript, including tables, references, figures should be numbered.

  1. The materials submitted for publication must meet the following requirements:
    The article should contain the results of original scientific research on current problems of the oil and gas industry that have not been previously published and are not intended for publication in other publications. The article is accompanied by a permission for publication from the institution where the research was carried out, which indicates the absence of information on objects of intellectual property rights (including copyrights, rights to an invention, utility model, industrial design, rights to protect undisclosed information from illegal use and other rights), and the presentation materials do not entail violations of intellectual property rights of other persons.
  2. The title of the article should be short and informative, if possible without abbreviations, especially if they relate to a narrow topic. The title is printed in capital letters in the middle of the line.
  3. Summary (abstract) – at the beginning of the article before the main text – reflects the purpose of the work, the method or methodology of the work, the results of the work, the scope of the results, conclusions (the volume of the abstract is 150-300 words).
  4. Keywords – no more than 10.
  5. The size of the article is 7-10 pages (review articles – 15-20 pages), – after 1 computer interval, tables, figures, references (after 1 computer interval, font size – 14), printed in the Word editor, Times New Roman font, margins – upper and lower – 2 cm, left -3 cm, right -1.5 cm. The number of drawings is 5-10.
  6. The list of references is given in the order of mention in the text according to GOST 7.1-2003. Each source is mentioned in the list once, regardless of how often it is referenced in the text of the work. References to the sources used in the text should be given in square brackets. Registration of articles in periodicals – surname, initials of the authors, title of the article, name of the journal, place of publication, year, number, pages. Design of monographs – surname, initials of authors, title, publisher and place of publication, year, total volume, pages of quotation.
  7. The title of the article, summary, keywords are provided in three languages.
  8. Information about the authors: academic degree, title, position, organization or place of work, contact phone numbers, full postal address, as well as photos of the author in the format .jpg or-jpeg of high quality [with a volume of at least 1 MB). In addition, you should specify the author with whom you will correspond on publication issues.
    III. Sample article

TITLE OF THE ARTICLE, font 14 bold, Time New Roman, capital letters
Zh. Zh. Omarov, I. I. Ivanov
(Name of the organization)

Summary text (150-300 words) in three languages (font 12 Time New Roman, italics)
Keywords: no more than 10 words, font 12 Time New Roman, italics.
The text of the article with figures, tables, conclusions, a list of references. Font 14, Time New Roman, interval 1.