Mining equipment and technology

Mining equipment and technology

Mining equipment and technology

When developing and developing oil and gas fields, it is important to evaluate and develop methods for extracting hydrocarbon products, to find the possibilities of the most rational and least expensive techniques and technologies for well production. Today, when the issue of modernization and optimization of technological processes of lifting oil and gas to the surface becomes urgent, the department of analysis of the mechanized fund and routine well repair, as one of the structural divisions of KMG, conducts productive cooperation with subsidiaries of JSC NC KMG, aimed at intensifying oil production by optimizing the technological modes of well operation and the parameters of deep-pumping equipment. Cooperation with the production services of subsidiaries is indicated in the following areas:

search and development of new types of equipment and technologies for the production of hydrocarbon products, in particular, the use of advanced types of deep-pumping equipment;
pilot field testing of new types of equipment and technologies with further determination of efficiency in the specified geological, physical, technical and economic conditions of deposits;
search and development of new / improved methods of combating complications – corrosion of borehole equipment, asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits, mechanical impurities and sand phenomena, mechanical wear/abrasion of elements of borehole equipment, hydrate formation, salt deposition, etc. types of complications;
development of measures aimed at increasing the inter-repair period of well operation and operating time for failure of well equipment;
development of measures aimed at reducing the frequently repaired well stock that occurs in difficult operating conditions during the development of mature fields and fields with hard-to-recover reserves.

The types and degree of complications affecting the reliability and duration of operation of downhole equipment, determined by the physical and chemical properties of the extracted hydrocarbon products and production modes, tend to change during the period of operation of the field. The volume of complications increases sharply with the duration of field development due to a drop in reservoir pressure, high water content, aging of wells, dense drilling and require more large-scale, effective, systematic methods of combating complications. In this direction, the work of KMG specialists is aimed at developing measures to reduce the number of frequently repaired wells. Targeted recommendations on planned preventive measures, on the use of chemical protection (well inhibition) for various types of complications, on the optimization of deep-pumping equipment are one of the activities of KMG.

KMG is doing a lot of work on the introduction of alternative technological solutions for mechanized operation, including rodless pumping units (electric center, electric screw, hydraulic jet pumps), evaluation of the technical feasibility and technical and economic efficiency of various methods of operation.

Specialists of the department of analysis of the mechanized fund and routine well repair provide expert support for pilot tests of new equipment and technologies per year with work on further development and replication of successful technologies in the Company’s subsidiaries.

Along with the activities of engineering and technical support of production processes, KMG specialists carry out work on scientific and technical support and expertise of project documentation for field development, conceptual design of production and injection wells of promising oil and gas production facilities, development and implementation of regulatory and technical documents in terms of production equipment and technology.