Laboratory of field chemistry

Laboratory of field chemistry

Laboratory of field chemistry

The field of activity of the laboratory of field chemistry of the branches of KMG Engineering LLP (Aktau, Atyrau) is the determination of the physical and chemical properties of oilfield reagents, as well as their adaptation to the conditions of a particular field.

The laboratory of field chemistry is accredited in accordance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025 and conducts a complex of laboratory studies in the following areas:

– determination of physico-chemical properties of new oilfield reagents: demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, inhibitors/dispersants/solvents of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits, bactericides, inhibitors/removers of salt deposits, surfactants, water brighteners, polymer materials, depressant additives, etc.;

– monitoring and constant input control of basic chemical reagents used in the production, preparation and transportation of hydrocarbons in all oil fields;

– research, assessment of the possibility of using and adaptation of new chemical reagents (demulsifiers, inhibitors, salt solvents, ASPs, corrosion, polymer materials, etc.) in the conditions of a specific deposit;

– fight against complications arising during the extraction, primary preparation and transportation of oil;

– study of the microbiological contamination of oilfield waters (sulfate-reducing, thionic and carbon-oxidizing bacteria);

– research and selection of effective bactericides;

– study of the physico-chemical properties of polymers and polymer compositions;

– research of compositions and technologies for increasing oil recovery and intensification of oil production;

– selection of compositions and research of technologies for isolation of production zones and alignment of the pickup profile of injection wells;

– study of the compatibility of basic chemical reagents with selected effective reagents, as well as the study of their impact on the quality of oil treatment;

– selection of chemical reagents and compositions for silencing fluids used in oil and gas wells while preserving the reservoir properties of the reservoir of a particular field;

– laboratory studies on the selection of reagents for oil and gas fields using the technologies of ORP, RUNWAY, VUS, RIR, polymer flooding, etc.;

– supervising the support of various projects, including polymer flooding;

– research and selection of chemical reagents for water treatment for the needs of the PPD system at the field facilities.

The laboratories have modern equipment from leading companies Anton Paar, Agilent technologies, Brukfield, Phase Technology, DataPhysics Instrument, Mettler Toledo, Huber, Binder, Julabo, including unique installations for domestic practice:

– automatic rheometer PHYSICA MCR 502 and 702, Anton Paar;

– bench installation for evaluating the corrosion rate of metals and the inhibitory properties of a corrosion inhibitor with the maintenance of acid gases and isobaric conditions;

– automatic rheometers of the Brukfield series;

– stability analyzer of dispersed (emulsions, colloidal) systems Multiscan MS-20, DataPhysics;

– deposition of paraffin from oil under static conditions by the “Cold finger” method;

– IR Fourier spectrophotometer model Agilent Cary 630 FTIR, Agilent Technologies;

– UV-VIEW spectrophotometer Cary 60, Agilent Technologies;

– automatic density meter model DMA 5000M, Anton Paar;

– Excellence Plus HX204 humidity analyzer, Mettler Toledo;

– inverted microscope Eclipse TI-S, Nicon.

Nurzhan Shilanov

Deputy Director of the Branch for Laboratory Research

Branch of “KMG Engineering” LLP “KazNIPImunaygas” (Aktau)

130000, Aktau, 35 mkr. building 6

Work phone: 8 (7292) 470 215

Cell phone number: +7 702 939 32 52


Nariman Sarsenbekov

Director of the Laboratory Research Department

Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP

060015, Atyrau, S. O. Geologist, S. Birlik, Telemunar industrial zone, st-e 4

Work phone: 8 (7122) 762 501

Cell phone number: +7 701 488 89 49


Yerbolat Ayapbergenov

Head of the Laboratory of Field Chemistry

Work phone: 8 (7292) 470 290 (ext. 4391)

Cell phone: +7 701 335 7127


Asem Izmailova

Head of Field Chemistry Laboratories

Work phone: 8 (7122) 318 939

Cell phone: +7 701 180 9111