Laboratory of Environmental Research and Monitoring

Laboratory of Environmental Research and Monitoring

Laboratory of Environmental Research and Monitoring

In a constantly developing industry, it is necessary to carefully monitor the state of the environment. Today, it is necessary to control water, control chemical emissions into the atmosphere, control soil pollution.

Therefore, today the Republic has the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with which observations and monitoring of the state of the environment are carried out.

An environmental laboratory is a means of monitoring the state of the natural environment and its changes as a result of the impact of economic or other activities.

To carry out its activities, an environmental laboratory must have equipment, a staff of specialists, reagents, and must also be accredited in the system of technical regulation in accordance with the profile. Our laboratory is accredited in the accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. The certificate of accreditation under no.KZ.T.06.1755 dated 29.06.2016 is registered in the register of accreditation subjects.

The Laboratory of Environmental Research and Monitoring performs the following types of work:

– Measurement of meteorological parameters
– Control of atmospheric air quality in sanitary protection and working areas.
– Air control at the sources of pollutant emissions.
– Determination of hydrophysical and hydrochemical characteristics of surface, underground and wastewater.
– Sampling of water, soil, sediments for laboratory research
– Radiation monitoring of the territory, premises, workplaces, scrap metal, measurement of radon and other radioactive gases;

To successfully solve the tasks, the laboratory is equipped with the following measuring instruments and auxiliary equipment.

  • Atomic absorption spectrometer MGA-915
  • Spectrometer “Spectroscan-MAX-G
  • Liquid analyzer “Fluorat-02-2M”
  • Liquid analyzer Fluorat-02-5M
  • Analyzer of petroleum products in water laboratory AN-2
  • pH meter laboratory Mettler Toledo
  • Gas analyzer GANK-4
  • Gas analyzer testo 350XL – testo 454
  • Photoelectric photometer KFK-3-01 “ZOMZ
  • Dosimeter-radiometer “DRGP-03
  • Alfarad plus-ARP
  • Radiometer-dosimeter MAX-AT1117M.
  • Search dosimeter RKS-01G-SOLO

The second activity of the laboratory is the certification of workplaces according to working conditions.

Certification of workers is a necessary measure that must be carried out at each enterprise without fail. The need for certification is fixed in the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The following portable devices are used by the laboratory for the certification of workplaces

– Meteometer METEOSCOPE-M
– Multifunctional measuring device Testo 435
– Meter of parameters of electric and magnetic fields VE-METER-AT-002
-Meter of parameters of magnetic and electric fields of industrial frequency VE-50
-Noise meter-spectrum analyzer, vibrometer Assistant, etc.