Core storage

Core storage

Core storage

In the branches of KMG Engineering in Aktau and Atyrau, there are core storage facilities for storing core, which has no equal in Kazakhstan.

The core storage facility provides high-quality long-term core storage as much as possible.

Core storage is carried out on steel racks:
– The distance between the racks is 3050 mm;
– The height of the racks is 8 m (9 sections), the width is 1100 mm;

In the core storage facilities of the KMG there is an opportunity to accept for long-term storage of core in the volume of 30,000 p. m.

Technical equipment:
– Loading and unloading of the core on the racks is carried out by an electric stacker;
– Provided by IC from Senergy for core tracking;
– Electric lifting gates;
– Equipped with a ventilation system with constant temperature control +16+18C and humidity 40 – 60%;
– Natural ventilation by means of deflectors VE2÷VE4 installed on the roof of the building;
– Precision air conditioner (2 pcs.) to maintain the room temperature + 18 °C;
– Heating – air. 3 heating and ventilation units that heat the indoor air to the required temperature in winter;
– Automatic powder fire extinguishing and alarm system are provided;
– 35 video cameras installed in the laboratory building

The laboratory provides a room for 300 m of core for inspection and description of core material in daylight and ultraviolet light.