Geological assessment

Geological assessment

Geological assessment

KMGE is working on the geological assessment of promising KMG structures, as well as licensed blocks of private subsurface users for the purpose of acquisition.

In the process of analyzing the prospects of the sites, an integrated approach is applied to the analysis of the initial geological and geophysical data-examination/reinterpretation of well data, structural constructions based on seismic data, dynamic analysis of seismic data. Based on the results of the analysis, geological models are built according to scenarios P10, P50, P90, taking into account the uncertainties of the calculation parameters and the structural factor; assessment of geological resources and risks, drawing up a decision tree for options for exploration of promising structures and the minimum working program of exploration.

The forecast assessment of the resource potential of the hydrocarbon is carried out for all prospective structures of the site by the volumetric method using the Monte Carlo method based on the construction of 3D geological models. The reservoir-filtration properties (FES) of deposits located in close proximity to exploration sites are taken as analogues when conducting geological calculations.

A separate predictive geological model is built for each prospective structure, taking into account their geological features of the structure.

To justify the decision-making on the feasibility of development, taking into account geological risks, probabilistic modeling of the success of field discovery is carried out.

To build a decision tree, it is necessary to collect data on all structures that have sufficient probability and / or hydrocarbon resources. The data includes the probability of detecting a hydrocarbon deposit without an additional well and with an additional well, as well as the hydrocarbon resources in this deposit.

After building the decision tree, the extracted resources and expected resources are calculated for each of the output scenarios. The calculation of the extracted resources is made by summing up the successful events that led to the occurrence of the output scenario.

In order to adopt or consider the most optimal combinations of solutions, Monte Carlo simulation is carried out with the formation of various combinations of drilling promising structures, taking into account the prediction of the success of drilling or dry wells.

To determine the program of geological and geophysical works, taking into account the current study of the site, it is necessary to conduct economic calculations for all options. Based on the results of calculations of the expected monetary value and the increase in the expected monetary value, it will be possible to choose the number of drilling independent exploration wells, taking into account the results of mathematical calculations of success probabilities.