In modern conditions, for the successful implementation of exploration projects and effective development of oil and gas fields, it is necessary to promptly obtain up-to-date information and related data from databases and information systems.

Due to the depletion of the resource base in the existing oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to replenish hydrocarbon reserves, which causes the need for additional exploration, search and development of new territories.

JSC NC “KazMunayGas” today, together with KMG Engineering LLP, is carrying out work on the regional study of the Caspian, Ustyurt-Bozashinsky and Mangyshlak basins to prepare a portfolio of promising blocks for subsurface use. Active activity is underway to acquire new license blocks for exploration and production. The geology of the regions is being studied in order to discover and develop new projects and directions that will give a new breath to the country’s oil and gas industry in the future. KMG also conducts serious work on the study of deep-lying horizons and unconventional traps.

This work is associated with the processing and accumulation of a huge amount of heterogeneous information about the operation of wells and geological features of formations. Information processing is an important task that is becoming more difficult every day due to the increase in the volume of data and the complexity of the algorithms for their movement.

At the same time, the problem of the reliability of the available data is becoming more and more urgent. The changes that have occurred in the field of information technologies in the last decade have significantly expanded the capabilities of scientists and specialists in the use and dissemination of information.

The activity of the “Database” direction in KMG Engineering LLP is designed to provide specialists with up-to-date verified information. The tasks of centralized management of information systems with a large amount of data are being solved, an information space is being created with a single entry point to all geological, geophysical, and field information. The information is collected in a single archive with the provision of prompt access to all the accumulated information to the employees of the KMG group of companies.

The main task of the Database is the collection, storage, modification and processing of structured information, the formation of analytical reports taking into account the specifics of business processes, corporate standards of the Company performing exploration and development of UVS deposits.

The formation of the Database began with the introduction of a seismic archive, the purpose of which was to preserve a huge array of field and processed seismic data obtained as a result of a large-scale seismic survey of the Caspian Sea and its shelf, conducted in 1993-96. Consortium “Kazakhstankaspishelf”.

For more than 20 years, the system has grown into a huge archive of seismic and geological and geophysical data. To date, the volume of accumulated and stored data is about more than 240 TB.

Currently, information systems (databases)are functioning in the Data Bank of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” :

Whereoil is an integration system for combining and combining all available information systems into a centralized data bank;
ProSource Enterprise/Seismic-a database of seismic and geological-field data;
Front Office-Prosource corporate data management system via a WEB interface;
A geographically distributed data bank (TBD) is a system for collecting, storing and analyzing fishing information. (JSC “Ozenmunaygas”, JSC “Embamunaygas”, JSC “Karazhanbasmunai”, JV “Kazgermunai” LLP, JSC Mangistaumunaygas);
File storage of the Corporate Data Bank ( FH) – storage of electronic documents;
Catalog of Physical Media – CFN) – a catalog of paper and electronic media;
Studio-database of digital geological models;
HTSEN is a storage of digital electronic media.

The information systems used are built on database management systems of world manufacturers (Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.) and developed by both leading foreign companies (Schlumberger, KADME) and Kazakhstani developers (KazInfoSystems LLP, Alstrontelecom LLP, etc.).