Council of Young Professionals

Council of Young Professionals

Council of Young Professionals

The Council of Young Specialists (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is an advisory body of KMG Engineering LLP (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership) and was established in 2016. The purpose of the Council is to promote the development and realization of the potential of Young employees and direct their potential to the further development of the Partnership.

Together with the Department of Administrative and Social Security, the Council participates in various social, industrial, cultural, sports and other activities. The Council is the professional growth of Young employees, increasing the degree of their involvement in the socio-economic life of the Partnership.

Today, more than 40 young specialists are on the Board of the Partnership, taking into account the Branches. During this short period, the Council held a large number of different events.

The structure of the Council of Young Specialists consists of a Chairman, 3 (three) Deputy Chairmen, members and a secretary, who are elected/ appointed in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Regulations on the Council of Young Specialists of the Partnership.


Единственным участником ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг» принято решение об уменьшении
уставного капитала (протокол Совета директоров АО НК «КазМунайГаз» № 12/2022 от 08 июля 2022 года)
ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг», БИН 140340010451, настоящим сообщает об уменьшении уставного капитала.
Претензии принимаются в течение 1 месяца – с 17 августа по 16 сентября 2022 года
по адресу: Республика Казахстан, 010000, город Нур-Султан, район Есиль, улица Дінмұхаммед Қонаева, здание 8

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